34 facts about Indian actor Prithviraj sukumaran.

34 facts about Indian actor Prithviraj sukumaran.


  • This is article not intended to hurt or perk any actor or events. If any one found anything written in this article offensive, please let me know i will right away remove it,
  • I am not at encouraging any sort of promotion kinda articles and reminding this iis just listing out things i have come across about Prithviraj.




  • Who is Prithviraj Sukumaran:

 Actor/producer/singer at Mollywood.

  • What is Molly wood:

Ok oK I know many knows it.But the reason to explain it now is, when i typed “molly wood ” in google.com surprisingly i found  technology broadcaster and writer Molly Woods result first. So i thought about explaining  it a bit. Molly wood is a sector of Indian film industry.World cinema totally consider Indian film industry as Bollywood,its wrong and apart from Bollywood there are around 15 separate film industries in India with world renowned technicians who produced many critically acclaimed quality movies.

Ok now i am gonna delve into the 40 facts about the  Prithviraj . Its purely based on my research and i have put lot of effort preparing it. So i appreciate yours suggestions and correction to make this fool proof.


Through his official Facebook page he declared that ,he is going to become a father.

 Hi all!

This is a post to share something very very special and personal. I guess you guys will know about it sooner rather than later..so you might as well hear it from the horse’s mouth.
Supriya and I are overjoyed and I hope all of you will share our happiness on what I believe is truly going to be the most momentous occasion of our lives. So yes..I’m counting down to the biggest release I will ever have!!


2:Hotel business in Qatar:

With his brother and mother , he is running a restaurant “Spice Boat” in Qatar. His mother Malika Sukumaran is the care taker of the restaurant now .Along with this restaurant Makika is also running a beauty parlour in Qatar.

  • Location : Cornich ,doha,Qatar.
Spice Boat
Spice Boat

3: Outstanding South Indian Student during Saink School:

He was very studious guy in his school days.

  • He did his Schooling in :Saink school Trivandrum ,Kerala,india.

He was outstanding student in  his school days. Prithviraj is the only person till date to get the title of Mr LA Fest in successive years.

4: As a Singer:

He also debuted as a singer in Puthiya Mukham (2009) with song ‘Kaane Kaane’. Other songs crooned by Prithviraj are:

  • Kaattu Paranjathum (Thanthonni),
  • Kettille Kettille (Pokkiri Raja),
  • Njan (Anwar),
  • Vadakku Vadakku (Urumi) and
  • Tarzan Antony coming back to Cinema (Hero).

5:His famous controversial comments:

Prithviraj made some controversial statements all through his career.

  • Comments about over hyped  super Stars and worshiping them.
  • He also criticized about Mammoty and Mohanlal acting with out considering their age.
  • Opened up in an interview that he normally correct the scripts coming.

6:Much talked Social Media Attacks Against Prithviraj:

  • No other actor in the history of  Malaylam film industry ever has been a victim of social media defaming like Prithviraj.
  • People attacked him with edited videos and social media contents.

7:Acted in Mani Ratnan movie opposite to Aiswaraya Rai:

  • In his early stage of career itself he got opportunity to do a lead role in seasoned and most talented director Mani Rantans movie “Ravanan’. And in that movie his heroin was non other than miss world Aiswarya Rai.

8:State Awards:

  • 2012 – Best Actor for Celluloid and Ayalum Njanum Thammil
    2011 – Best Film (Producer) for Indian Rupee
    2006 – Best Actor for Vaasthavam

9:Prithviraj As a producer:

He produced movies along with cinematographer Santhosh Shiven in the banner of august films.

  • In 2009, Prithviraj formed production and distribution company August Cinema along with director Santosh Sivan and entrepreneur Shaji Natesan. Their first venture was Urumi and the second was Indian Rupee (2011). Urumi was made on the budget of Rs 18 crores with huge star cast such as Vidya Balan, Tabu, Prabhu Deva and Genelia D’Souza, but it was Indian Rupee which earned huge money that was made on a very small budget of Rs 2.5 crores.

10:Prithviraj’s Cinema Family:

  • Brother: Indrajith Sukumaran.
  • Mother: Mallika sukumaran.
  • Father: Sukumaran.
  • Sister in law: Poornima.

11:Prithviraj Gained Australian Education:

  • Prithviraj did his Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology at the University of Tasmania, Australia

12:Prithviraj’s unsucceful Bollywood Entry

  • Prithviraj debuted in Bollywood with Aiyyaa directed by Sachin Kundalkar. His second film was Yash Raj Film’s Aurangzeb directed by Athul Sabharwal. Though both movies didn’t do well, Prithvi was recognized for his performance

13: Marriage & Controversy :

  • Unwantedly Social media People criticized for his secret marriage function held with Supriya prithviraj and the marriage coined for a heat debate on the topic private clebrity marriages”
  • Supriya Prithviraj: Media personality from Palakkad.

14:Prithviraj made Six Pack Body for his bollywood Song 

  • He is the first Kerala actor to get 6 pack body for a movie. It paved way to a Body building trend in total Kerala. It was in the film “classmate” first he found on screen with worked out body. Many praised him to bring a different hero outlook to Kerala film fraternity. He revamped the industry.

15:In Famous Interview with John Britas:

  • How can an interview upside down the image and career of Film star? . This  In-famous interview of Prithviraj with a private television channel MD John brittas made big damage to his film life. You want to know , how it all happend. Here i am sharing a link of that interview.

16:Prithviraj’s Come Back to Malayalam Films :

  • He has been over thrown from his young superstar stardom by the people once. Many criticized about this haughtiness and self confidence. He has been targeted by social media people and tortured him badly. But he came back with series of thrilling performance and got back his crown as superstar.

17: Prithviraj’s Facebook Account:

  • His Facebook account is very active,but its not run directly by him.But a group of people are working for him behalf .Every post in that page is been uploaded only after consulting with Prithviraj .



18:Tamil Films :

  • He made his Tamil debut with KV Anand’s Kana Kandaen in 2005. He played the role of a suave and sophisticated villain. His other notable Tamil movies are Parijatham, Mozhi and Raavanan.

19:Prithviraj’s Affair with Meera Jasmin :

  • He had an very strong Affair with Meera Jasmin. And they even decided to marry .But Later he broke up with her.

21:Lady  Gossips :

  • He hasn’t connected much with his co-stars like other stars in Kerala film industry.But there were few rumours and gossips about Meera Jasmin , Navaya Nair and Samvrutha Sunil connections with him.

22: Artificial Hair:(Hair fixing):

  • He use hair fixing.
  • I have wrote an article about his artificial hair . please read –CLICK HERE.

23:Prithviraj’s Love affair with a Lesbian:

  • He told in a interview that  he had a crush with a girl during his engineering time and much to the shock,he later came to know that she was a Lesbian . He replied like that when interviewer asked about his affairs in engineering time.

24:Prithviraj’s Indian National Award :

  • 2011 – Best Feature Film in Malayalam (Producer) for Indian Rupee

25:When Prithviraj Broke Mohanlal’s record :

Youngest actor to receive the Kerala State Award for the Best Actor:

  • He is the youngest actor, who broke the record which was held by Mohanlal for about 20 years, by receiving the Kerala State Award for the Best Actor.

26:Prithviraj Hobbies :

  • As a teenager, Prithviraj’s favourite hangout was Ambrosia at Bakery Junction. He is an avid traveller. In an interview to a leading daily, he said, Interlaken (Switzerland), Tasmania (Australia) are places that has amazed him. Photography and reading are his other hobbies. He still cherishes his memories and photographs of Shimla when he was on a road trip few years back.

27:Prithviraj Brand Ambassador :

  • In 2007, LG Electronics (Kerala) roped in Prithviraj as its brand ambassador. In 2010, he became brand ambassador of hi-tech ambulance services ‘108’, launched by the National Rural Health Mission, which was part of a pilot project under the Kerala Emergency Medical Services Project. He is also representing Kalyan Silks.

28: Shyam Prasad about Prithviraj :

  • Akale’s director Shyamaprasad, said that Prithviraj’s advantages are his talent and intelligence irrespective of his Box Office successes.

29:His best on -Screen lucky pair:

Best pair
Best pair

He kept a very good on -screen chemistry with Samvrutha Sunil. And they paired in 4+ movies.

  • Thirakkatha.
  • Vasthavam.
  • Robin hood.

30:Prithviraj is Malappuram Born:

  • Interesting fact is that ,even though he lives  in Trivandrum now, he actually hails from MALAPPURAM district (Kerala ,India).

31:Prithviraj’s Fans clubs:

  • After Mohanlal and Mammoty ,he is the one and only star with such a mass fans in Kerala.

32:Prithviraj Twitter account:

  • He keeps a twitter account,even though its not active.

33:Actor Sukumaran’s younger Son:

  • He is the younger son of late Veteran actor and producer Sukumaran.

34:Prithviraj’s Brave Gay Character :

  • For the first time in the history of Malaylam cinema ,a Super star Shown courage to do a homosexual character. It was first of its kind in Kerala films. In film “Mumbai police” he donned the role as a GAY police officer successfully.

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