9 Famous Successfully Earning Websites/ Blogs from Kerala,India.

9 Famous Successfully Earning Websites/ Blogs from Kerala,India.


  • This is purely based on my research.

I have searched,researched ,personally contacted and hand-picked this 9 talents who make money royally sitting in their home couch.


1: EplMatches

This established web portal is a perfect example of “silent revolution” by one man army.

  • Bio: Razik Pallikat.
  • Genre : Football Website.
  • International Rank–268770.
  • Success story  : In 2007 after his Engineering from Trivandrum government  college he started writing about his passion(Football )  in  blogspot simply . Gradually he started getting traffic even though it was slow in early stage , but later he found  steadiness in longer run ,then he slowly transferred to custom domain. Now
  • To know More news and tips about the portal: ask@jithumpablog.com.
  • Income channel :Through advertisement ,impression and click income.
  • Website :CLICK HERE.

2: Techniqued

 (previously NirmalTV.com ):

  • Bio: He is a Civil Engineer in records and a Software Engineer by Profession.
  • Genre of Blog : Technology.
  • International Rank-268770.
  • Success Story :After completing his Masters, he worked as a software developer for one of the MNCs in India. Blogging has been his passion ever since he discovered Blogger platform back in 2005.  Since then he has been actively blogging. In 2010, he quit his job to pursue his career in full time blogging.Nirmal currently lives in Karnataka, India with his family.
  • Website :CLICK HERE.

3: Bikes4sale

  • Bio: Arun Thomas KB – Computer Science Engineer. 2006 pass-out from Model Engineering College, Koch .He has  5 years IT experience in an MNC.
  • His wife is also part of his venture: Remya Sebastian Electronics Engineer. 2007 pass out from from Model Engineering College, Kochi.Have 4 years IT experience in MNCs.
Aruna nd his wife  jointly started Karot Technologies LLP which has Bikes4Sale and Mobiles4Sale under its roof. His wife Remya handles Mobiles4Sale and I handle Bikes4Sale.
  • Founded year:? Bikes4Sale was started in the year 2007 and Mobiles4Sale in 2008.
  • Success story 😕 We are the biggest in terms of the number of used bikes listed. More than 1 lakh eight thousand bikes have been listed in the site so far. And we have most comprehensive used bike valuation tool in India.  
  • Working pattern. We have an office in Tripunithura. We are 5 including both of us. Our employees handle the content section. All other things are handled by us. Office works from 9am to 6pm, Mon-Fri. But we work more than 14 hours a day.
  • Income sources/channels: Income from Premium Listings ( we charge a small fees for premium listings) and Advertising. We also have affiliate selling in Mobiles4Sale wherein we get a commission for every new mobile phone sold through the site. 
  • Genre: Auto mobile.
  • International Rank-268770.
  • Website :CLICK HERE.

4: Mymobilescoop:

Details about this website is not much known.

  • Founded : August 2, 2009.
  • Genre :Tech Blog.

5: Vipin Online 

  • Name is VIPIN GEORGE .
  • Genre :Tech Blog
  • Did  B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering from CUSAT, Kerala, India.
  • Interests are : Network Security,FOSS,War driving,Wikipedian,Electronics Electronics,Amateur Radio, call sign KC9VED,Shortwave DXing,Automobiles,collecting Antique radios and tape recorders, yep you read it right,Cycling is an amazing thing to do.

6: MariasMenu:

One of the most successful female Blogger from India.

  • Bio: From Kerala and  now live in Bahrain. (All photos in the blog is copy righted)
  • Blog Genre : Cooking recipes.
  • Income channel :Affiliate programs , Ad sense advertisements .

Down the list you can see the people who left full time blogging , but was very active once.


7: Arun basil lal:

  • Electrical engineer in records.
  • Interests in web designing and blogging.
  • Million clues was his famous Blog once, but nowadays he rarely writes in that.
  • He also writes his personal experiences in Kuttappi website now.

8: Kenney Jacob:

  • He used to Blog often. But nowadays  he split time between his business  and writing . He is now a successful entrepreneur.
  • He is promoter of  Kerala based IT gathering club Bar camp
  • He is not expecting or interested in income from Blogging now.

9: Binny V A

  • Promoter of Cochin based MAD(make a difference) firm.
  • Promoter of Kerala based tech un-conferencing Bar camp
  • He is not active blogger now.
  • Binny V A – a freelance Web Developer on the LAMP Platform based at Cochin, Kerala, India.

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