10 Must to know facts about Orion Infopark Cochin : Review


  • Orion is one of the finest and fastest growing software company operating at Infopark Cochin. And this article is trying to bring you out some facts (or snippets of information) about this very company.

NB: This article has been prepared with the help of an Orion employee.


1. Arun Metha is the CEO and founder of this company

2. Maran is handling the data (dataanalaytics) Wing in Company

  • Highly qualified Maran is handling the data analytics wing.

3. Pradeep menon (from Palakkad) handles sales and marketing area of the company:

4.Employe strength reached around 450 now:

  • In last few years Orion recruited quite number of people and over roll strength of the company crossed 400 now.


6.KPMGs accounting Service project is the backbone of Orion:

7.Chances for Onsite opportunity are high:

8.Chances are there for employees to get USA H1B1 and L1 business visa:

9. Board of directors comprise Ex-Microsoft sales head:

10.Major Organizers of K-Mug (Kerala Microsoft user group) belongs to this company:

  • K-mug is a official Microsoft user group. They conduct technical session at least once in a month.
    And the thing is most of the organizers of this user group is from Orion. Basically Orion employees conduct this event and in most of the time you can see Orion name in the sponsors list.

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