6 Bald Kollywood celebrities who wear wig:Tamil Nadu




This is article is not to hurt any feeling and this is just for simply reading with out thinking much. All the people listed here are loved by people based on their talent, despite any external  appearance.



1: Aravind Swamy

  • Bio: Tamil Film star and business man.

The handsome hero Aravind Swamy was familiar to us through Mani Rathans landmark movies (Roja, bombay). With in short he turned favourite actor to many and also he created mass ladies fan base in South India. Later he abruptly quit acting and started concentrating in his own business. Recently he spotted in the headlines with his divorce news.But what exactly surprised us wasn’t his divorce news but his bald figure. He spotted with bald hair . That was heart breaking to many of his fans. And now he is going to active in movies again. Kollywood reports that now he prefer to hide his baldness with hair transplants for his upcoming movies.

Aravind Swami
Aravind Swami

2: Rajinikanth

  • Bio: Tamil super Star.

The one and only super star of Tamil film industry Rajinkanth gone bald in early stage of his career itself. But unlike other superstars he never tried to hide his hair less head . In all public functions he appeared  without any kind of artificial hair transplants .But in movies he most often tried many hair getups .He stood out from other bald celebrities from India in many way. I believe he is the only superstar in India go public with out any make up . And his fans have no complaint ,more over his popularity is increasing day by day.


3: Sathyaraj

  • Bio: South indian Actor.
  • Sathyaraj had been using wigs since 1986 in films as he had begun losing hair since then, critics felt Sathyaraj’s career as solo lead actor may end by 2000.
  • Current status : Recently he acted in Sharuk Khan starred movie Chennai express without any wig showing his bald.


  • Bio:South Indian actor.
  • Karthik was a teenage heartthrob at one time . From the first to his sixtieth film, he has been stuck in a rut playing romantic lead roles only. Since 2001, we did not see him on stage or screen regularly. later he becanme  heavily in debt due to his flamboyant lifestyle. And he is all set to come back again to kollywood with his wig .



5: Vijaya Kumar 

  • The supporting Kollywood Actor Vijay Kumar has been caught by baldness in his early career. But later when he turned to character roles his baldness was blessing to bring maturity into his character.
Vijaya Kumar
Vijaya Kumar

6.Thalaivasal Vijay

  •  South Indian character actor.



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