25 Intersting Facts about Tamil Actor Ajith Kumar

Who is Ajith Kumar:?

  • Famous Kollywood actor who is known as “Thala” among cine goers in Tamil Nadu .

What is Kolly Wood:?

  • Kolly wood is a sector of Indian film industry. World cinema totally consider Indian film industry as Bollywood,its wrong and apart from Bollywood there around 15 separate industries with world renowned technicians who produced many critically acclaimed quality movies.


There are lot of matured and fool proof articles out there in internet to give you classic articles about Ajith Kumar. Then you will think what the heck i have written here?. Wait a second let me complete. This article is pieces of information i personally know about this actor called Ajith Kumar. I personally follow him as an actor and off-screen and this article is the culmination of my understanding about him.


1:Ajith Kumar’s Inter-faith Marriage

  • He met his wife Shalini at the set of Film “Amarkalam” and later fell in lover with her. Kerala actress  Shalini belongs to  Christian community and Ajith Belongs to Hindu. But Religious indifference never turned bottleneck at any stage in their life. With the permission of their parents their married on at a simple civil ceremony.

2.Born as Brahmin 

  •  Ajith kumar born in a higher class Brahim family.

3: He is not a Tamilian 

  • Even though he is established super star in Kollywood ,like Rajanikandhta his birth place is also  Andhra Pradesh .

4: Non- filmi family Background

  • Unlike many other contemporary actors in kollywood  he dosent have anything to claim about cinema about his linage.

5: Ajith Kumar as film producer ?

  • Movie Villian is produced by Ajith Kumar.

6: Motar bike racer

  • He is ardent Motor bike enthusiast .

7: Did you know that Ajith Kumar is School Drop out ?

  • Yes he is school drop out.

 8: Kerala connection 

  • He married Kerala born Actress Shalini.

 9: Formula car driver

There is not much stars in world cinema who decently kept Sports and Entertainment equally.

  • car racing enthusiast  and has driven in circuits around India. Internationally, he is one among very few Indians to race in International arena.He took a break from acting to compete in British Formula 2 racing.

10: Did Ajith Kumar Holds Pilot Licence?

  •  Yes.

11: Did Ajith Kumar ever Bagged Tamil Nadu state award 😕

  • Yes

12: Did Ajith kumar has faith in astrology and superstitions 😕


13: Tamil acotr Ajith Kumar is called Flop king of India ?

  • Yes, it was a very bad time for him after Kaathal Kottai.
  • I was perhaps the only hero in Indian cinema, I think, to have given five consecutive flops in a year. None of my five films ran for more than two weeks in any theatre! Is it not a record of flops after the huge success of Aasai and Kaathal Kottai ?
  • Ajith Kumar was born on 1 May 1971 to a Palakkad Iyer Iyer named P. Subramaniam and his wife Mohini, of Sindhi origin from Kolkata, West Bengal.
  • He gave many flop movies during his growth period , due to poor script selection but he never failed to comeback . When everyone said that his career has ended , there came Billa 2007 which is one of the most stylish tamil movie till date which became an All-time blockbuster . This type of comebacks are numerable in his career
  • two people in India never lost a single fan despite their repeated failures , they are Dada and Thala

14: Biggest hits of Ajith Kumar till date?

  • Kadhal Kottai, Vali, Billa and Mankatha

15:Played many negative shade with out any image-consciousness:

  • He is a terrific villain. His greatest hits all had him portraying roles in various shades of gray. No other actor would have had the guts to play an out and out bad guy in his much expected fiftieth film. In Mankatha he was a menacing bad guy with no good qualities about him. And only he could have pulled off that role. And he had even more guts to follow that up with Billa 2, where he played an even more immoral role. Though that didn’t work out well in box office, the decision to play a baddie in two consecutive movies tells you about his guts. And he has done that through out his career. His first big hit was Vaali where he portrayed a dual role with one guy being a sadistic villain. His another big hit – Varalaaru also had him play negative roles. Only Rajini and Sathyaraj are the other big heroes who have had so much success with negative roles. And only Rajini had a similar courage to play negative roles even at the peak of his career. That is probably why Rajini himself has a big admiration for Ajith.

16:Ajith Kumar’s famous Double Roles :

  • He has done quite few double roles. And among that very famous ones are “Attashasam” and “Vali”.

17:Actor Ajith Kumar’s Character :

  • In short, Ajith is the quintessential man’s man. He is a self made guy. He is stylish, brave and loves fast cars. He is simple and humble and helps people in need. He is a responsible father and husband. How can you not admire him? I am a guy and he is the man I want to be like, if I ever can be. And that is what most of my friends have told me too, as the reason for their admiration for Ajith

18:Fan clubs :

  • Ajith Has about 72000 fan clubs10. Top of all these , advising his fans to concentrate on studies and road safety where once he even warned a set of school children (who bunked classes to see his shooting) to go to school regularly
  • He wanted to abolish all his fan clubs and did not want to make money and publicity out of his fans.

19: Did you know Tamil actor Simbu is big fan of Ajith :

  • There are many hard core fans and Actor cum director is one among that.

20 Self made man :

  • Good aero modeller

21.What is the Lucky Number of Thala Ajith?

  • Answer to this question is 6

22.Those Accidents and surgery Ajith comes across:

  • He has undergone some major surgeries all round his spinal cord and still he acts in movies, without having dupes for daredevil stunts . This can be seen in movies like Mankatha , Arrambam ,Veeram and all. .

23.How come Ajith won Filmfare award with out speaking a word?

  • The one who won a filmfare without speaking a word (Vaali)

24.Why Ajith appers in Grey Hair after Mankatha 

  • The one who had the courage to appear in grey hair.

25.Ajith Kumars stand on social media fans riverly issues 

  • 5. He is the first one to oppose the clash of his fans and the fans of his competitor in social networking sites quoting that a person who teases an other one can’t be a good fan and definitely cannot be a good human.

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