21 Controversial Leaked Celebrity Scandal Videos and images from Kerala


  • Article is based on the news articles and videos i found on internet.
  • I have listed whats app morphed video and images controversies of celebrities as well , Just to inform the public that its fake.

I was bit reluctant to prepare this article first , thinking about not to hurt any sentiments . But when i saw how international/National newspapers reporting scandals in decent way , infused confidence in me to write this. Even the national news paper Times of India came forward to list out the famous leaked issues courageously  . Then i though if they could do ,why can’t I?

NB : If any one find the contents objectionable , please let me know i will remove it immediately.


1.Manka Mahesh Video leaked 

  • Bio: Cinema/Serial actress.
  • Video is still Available On Internet.

Manka Mahesh is famous Mollywood movie star and got recognized for  doing mother roles mainly. Manka Mahesh acted along  with Kerala superstars Mammoty and Mohanlal in many movies. It was very shocking to see such an aged and established actresses personal bed video leaked and went viral on the Internet. Manka Mahesh spotted mostly in Priyadarshan movies and movies like Kilichundan Mambazham made her close to Malayalm audience.

2.Krishna Prabha (Proved to Be fake)

  • Talented Actress Krishna Prabhas phoot shoot phots went viral in Internet and later she clarified th truth.
  • Fb Message of Kishna : “Dear friends… I heard that news is spreading about me on Actress Ineya photo-shoot issue… I have no idea why name was mentioned in the article posted by Manorama.. Of course I had photo-shoot’s with Sarith C Varma… Personally I know him very much… Such a simple personality… I had no issue with him yet… So y did they mentioned me on their article… Kindly request them to remove my name from the article.

3.Suraj Venjaramoodu Video leaked

  • Bio: Mollywood Actor.
  • Video is Available on YouTube.

National award winning comedian Suraj is a familiar face among Kerala Mini-screen and motion pictures viewers. He has entered into cinema with the support of Kerala actor Mammotty and later became a inevitable comedy artist in Kerala cinemas. There is leaked video shared in internet where Suraj is suspiciously sitting with lady in Vehicle and that lady kissed Suraj as well. There is no official confirmation or details regarding its authenticity..

4.Renjini Haridas (Proved to Be fake)

5.Shalu Menon’s Leaked Video  

Bio: movie/TV actress and danseuse.

  • Shalu Menon has done  some meaty  characters to be remembered in both mini-screen and motion pictures. She has been running a dance school in Chenganseery for quite long time as well. It all started when ,a video allegedly to be “Shalu Menon’s” went viral through internet. In that video she has been spotted nude. Authenticity of the that video hasn’t confirmed yet. But with in short that Video spread like a wild fire to every ones internet account and mobile phones.
  • She was reported to be involved Kerala solar scam and has been arrested by Kerala police for further inquiries. She got released later.
  • The leaked video is still available in internet.

6.Asha Sarath: (Proved to Be fake):

  • Morphed videos and images of Asha went viral on internet and later Actress lodged a complaint to Police. Another manipulated stuff from Social media perverts to the most talented actress of Mollywood.

7.Archana Suseelan:

  • Bio:Malayalam Serial Actress.

Archana started her career co-hosting a music show in Kiran tv along with Anchor Nash. She reportedlt ended up the show due to some friction with the Program team. Later she went on to acting in Television serials and became house hold name in Kerala. She has been caught by Kerala police alleging immoral traffic during a raid as well. Later a video clip alleged to be Archana went viral on internet. But she refused it and told the media that it was fake and cooked up by her enemies.

  • Archana is now married and active in Kerala mini screens.

8.Shaalin Zoyas Mother controversy:

  • Shaalin Zoya Kerala  film actress,hails form Malapuram, Kerala who appears in Malayalam films. Shaalin Zoyas mother filed a case against a television technician for molesting and threatening her for long period.

9.Rachana Narayanankutty: (Proved to Be fake)

  • She find out the way into movies after bitter past life , like a 18 day marriage relationship and divorce. But once she started acting she went on famous and found her way to Mollywood with in very short period.
  • Later with fame the problems also came the actress’ lookalike’s nude photo has been spreading like a wildfire on the free messaging app and social networking sites.

10.Sidharth Bharathan photos with wife:

  • Famous Director and actor Sidharth Bharathans honeymoon photos got leaked and it ended in his marriage divorce

11.Jose Thettayil Minister scandal:

  • In June 2013, Jose and his son Adarsh were alleged by a lady resident of his constituency for having sexually abused her over the course of a year. And a you tube video has been shared.

12.Aparna Nair(Proved to Be fake later)

  • Aparna got noticed with Anoop menon’s critically acclaimed movie Cocktail . Aparna portrayed wife of Jayasoorya who keeps extra marital affair with Anoop Menon in the film and got wide praises for performance.
  • Bikni photos of Aparna shared in Social media and many thought its original photos at first . Later Actress came out and given clarification that

13.Saritha Nair:

  • Solar scam accused Saritha S Nair’s personal videos have been shared through instant message service Whats app and went viral. Saritha warned that those who shared and uploaded will be taken to jail soon then, but you know since it is not practical followups weren’t there .
  • Total Seven Video clips are leaked.

14.Manju Warrier:(Proved that its Fake whats app message and photo)

  • Malayalam actress Manju came back to acting after a controversial divorce with Actor Dileep. And news spread like that actress is in love with a photographer. Later it proved that its fake.

15.Bhama: (Proved to Be fake)

  • Whats app Photo of Bhama hugging a middle aged guy been doing the rounds in Social media and all the buzz came to an end when actress came forward and cleared the roumers.

16.Rosin Jolly: (Proved to Be fake):

  • Morphed videos and Photos shared .

17.Sreeya Ramesh :(Proved to Be fake)

18.Jyothi Krishna  (Proved to Be fake)

  • Jyothi given clarification to her Morphed photos through facebook and criticized the hidden perverts in Facebook and whats app .

19.Anjali Aneesh Pasana (Proved to Be fake)

20.Anupama Parameswaran:

  • Anuama witnessed wide range of insulting in Social media after her over night fame through the movie “Premam”. Social media targeted Anupma by sharing her tight leggings photos with vulgar comments and title . But Actress not given any explanation to matter yet.

21.Hima Shankar (Proved to Be fake)

  • Half naked Photo shoot photos of Hima been shared with vulgar comments in Facebook and Whats app . BUt actress was so cool about it and slowly social media maniacs stopped doing it later.

22. Miya :

Actress Miyas Morphed love making video been spreading in Soical media for quite long time . Its very obvious that the videos are morphed, but still its been sharing with the Title Miya . I think its high time to stop targeting the celebraties unwantedly

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