Happy new year to all. Well thanks for sparing some time to read my first ever post in my cousin Aswajiths BLOG. When he suggested about writing, I was not that much interested. But later i decided to give a shot any any how.  But I was confused about the topic. I thought about many topics to discuss. But within short i landed up in something which i recently possessed after months of anticipation and sufferings. (MY HTC STORY) You would find many expert review and analysis about this particular handset in internet. But i believe it’s rare to find an article which narrates different mental phases through which a person gone through before he actually embrace it. Whatever I am writing is purely based on my personal   First of let me introduce myself.

  • Sachin M S:
  • Final year National institute of calicut, production engineering student.
  • From Gods own country kerala.

1: Phase one: Anyone with enough money can go for any new mobile phone. Apple, Samsung or whatever. It’s not a big deal. But here you goanna see something different. Which you have never heard before .haha

  • Reason to buy:

For last 3 years i was using nokia’s bar phone.  Even though i am update with all technical stuffs.I never got chance to bag a smart phone.So decided to go for it any way. Right from the starting i was only looking for one manufacture .That was my HTC. My love towards HTC in very famous in nook and corner of NIT-calicut campus. Many raised their eye brows and many laughed hearing my crazy to this china based phone. But i kept propagating about my love towards HTC in every social gatherings.But no know the reason. But in the end of the story i would unveil it to you for the first time.

2: Phase two:   (Rigorous Research in NIT-calicut hostel and from my class) To be frank half of my 7th semester i was researching about getting an economic and well-designed HTC phone. After my months effort i ended up in something.


hTC 8X
hTC 8X

Some facts about the phone from my personal experience:

  • Design

Very compact and stylish. Curved edges makes the phone look more thinner. Switches are less bulged. There is a chance of pressing the volume button while pressing the power button. Single body with external sim card slot

  • Camera

Camera is not much good as lumia or Sony. But it is excellent in daylight. Video is better. Recording is in 1080p in both cameras.

  • Sound

Speakers are neither bad nor good. But in earphone it is superb due to beats audio function

  • Battery

It is non-removable. Battery life is depend upon our internet usage. Can vary from 8 hr to 2 days.

  • Hardware

Processor : 1.5dual core

  • RAM: 1GB
  • Display: S-LCD with gorilla glass 2, 4.3 inch
  • Resolution: 720 x 1280 (342ppi)
  • Camera: 8 MP primary and  2.1 front. With 1080p recording on both
  • No supported to external memory card

3: Phase 3:  (Money) My personal balance was not enough to buy that. But i was adamant about buying it by myself anyhow. My hard earned money. So i never talked about it to anyone. Not even asked my parents, NIT-K friends OR cousin. But i am proud that i earned it myself. banG.


How i earned my money:

  • Again help from Cousin. He offered me a small paid data entry job.
  • I sold my NIT-calicut t-shirts in small scale.
  • Some other arrangements.

Even after doing all this i managed to arrange only 13,000rs.

4: Phase Four:  (disappointment again) Again disappointment days. My cash was not sufficient to buy it. My whole effort wasted, I thought.By seeing my situation. My friends asked “sachin why the hell your concentration on that particular phone “more over its HTC. The market value is not competitive. Even i got offers from many hearing and seeing  pathetic my situation.

Offers which I got:

  • Ma friend sham jith offered his IPhone 4s for 12,000rs.
  • Another friend offered me to lend money
  • My cousin offered to bring me any new phones when he come back.

I said nothing, but smiled and neglected all offers. But i was not ready to give up i again searched in internet. That time there was a Devali offer in flip kart, 15% off in standard chartered account purchase. So that i could get 8x at 14,000rs, with warranty. I was so happy. But i couldn’t find anyone with that account also my favorite blue found to be out of stock. I kept searching like a mad man. Then I saw an advertisement in Gsmareana accidentally, and found out the rate as 815 Aed in When I converted it to Indian money. Hoo thank god.but it only available in Dubai,  abudabi. I called my same cousin working in Qatar to discuss about it.he arranged me some one working in Dubai and at last i found that phone in Dubai with same price.

5: PHASE 5: Shipping phase: haha.Hoo .See i was half happy when i found the phone through my cousins friend. My cousin arranged his friend kuttu to bring that phone for me all the way from dubai. But kuttu is a native of Trivandrum.Again problem. So later we talked to him and he agreed to send courier from Trivandrum to Calicut..Thank god.

6:FINAL PHASE: (My 2 months wait) I still remember it was a sunny day in October. My calling bell exactly cried 3 times. I was bit upset and listening to some music and refused to check it. Because for last 1 week I was jumping to see who ever ring anything, to check whether it’s my phones delivery or what. I do member that funny incident when i dashed to door when some post man ringed my cousins (owner of this blog) nearby house. I am not stretching more putting more anxiety to the story. Yes,Yeahh that ring was from my phone. My sweet HTC phone. My mom and dad was wonder seeing my over joy. How come they know the feeling? I hold it close to my heart and dashed to my bed room and closed the door a

You may wondering why I was adamant in buying this particular phone suffering all this. There is a big love story behind this.

read on story continuous….



Hope now you got my love towards HTC… See you in next post.

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