Software/IT Job Consultancies in Bangalore


Bangalore is a dream world for every software guy like me. Bangalore turned a land of hope and desire for many with the .Daily 100s of new techies are coming to this Indian silicon valley to pursue their dream. In order to reach the best and suitable companies,consultancies play great role. I have seen and heard about many people stuck in Bangalore with out being proper information about how to approach the companies . So I thought about sharing my little knowledge about job consultancies in Bangalore,I hope it would be

This list is designed in such a way that i edit progressively .

1.Wenger Watson

Wenger Watson has large client base and they are recruiting to Middle east as well.

  • Phone no: 080 49373400
  • Address : #31, “HM Eleganza”, 2nd Floor, Museum Road, Bangalore – 560001

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