26 Shocking Death penalties in India

There are two modes of death penalties  in India.

  • Hanging by neck till death.
  • Being shot to death.

The Supreme Court of India has suggested that capital punishment should be given only in the “rarest of rare cases”.All executions in India are carried out by hanging.

India is thought to have carried out about 50 executions since independence in 1947.

  •  And UP topped the list of states which witnessed the maximum number of death sentences being awarded to convicts in various cases.

1.Nathuram Godse and  his co-conspirator Narayan Apte -(1949):

Godse is the first person to be hanged in independent India along with Narayan Apte 39 years Old ( Hindu activist and entrepreneur). And the duo were executed  at the Ambala Jail on November 15, 1949.

  • Executed In the year 1949
  • Reason for death penalty :Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination.

2.Bachan Singh(1958):

  • S/o Budh Singh.
  • 23.06.1958

3.Pyare Lal(1959):

  • s/o Munna Lal
  • 16.06.1959

4.Ram Gopal(1959):

  • s/o Bhagwan Sahay
  • 21.09.1959

5.Narain Singh (1960):

  • s/o Bachi Singh
  • 07.12.1960


  • s/o Chottey
  • 13.11.1961.

7.Hamam Singh(1963):

  • s/o Suba Singh
  • 19.06.1963

8.Bhagwan Singh(1963):

  • S/O Gian Singh
  • 19.06.1963

9.Ram Singh(1964):

  • S/o Khanhai Ram.
  • 13.03 1964.


  • S/o Sundro.
  • 26.10.1966.

11.Manzoor Ahmad(1966):

  • S/o Altaf Hussain
  • 26.10.1966.

12.Lochan Pal(1967)

  • S/o Mehar Chand.
  • 26.07.1967.

13.Jai Chand(1974):

  • S/o Dig Ram.
  • 07.10.1974.

14.Hukum Chand(1974):

  • S/o Dig Ram.
  • 07.10.1974.

15.Amrit Bhushan(1977):

  • S/O Shiv Dayal.
  • 18.01.1977.

16.Shiv Mohan(1977):

  • S/O Nand Singh
  • 07.04.1977

17.Baksis Singh(1977):

  • S/O Nariam Singh
  • 01.12.1977

18.Jasbir Singh @ Billa and kulijeet @Ranga (1982):

  • 31.01.1982
  • was executed to death sentence after found guilty in killing two children name dGeeta and Sanjay Chopra and raping one of them in Delhi.

19.Maqbool Bhatt(1984):

  • He was co-founder of the Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front.
  • Bhat was executed in the Tihar Jail in New Delhi on February 11, 1984
  • Reason : Maqbool Bhatt was a part of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front militants who ambushed Indian Security Forces on 14 September 1966 and as he was involved in the shootout, he was found guilty and sentenced to death.
His petition for clemency to President of India Giyani Zail Singh was rejected, and

20.Satwant Singh and Kehar Singh (1989-):

  • Both executed on January 6 ‘1989.
  • Satwant Sing :for carrying out assassination of Indira Gandhi.
  • Kehar Singh: was executed for conspiracy in the plot of Indira Gandhi assassination.

21.Sukhdev Singh “Sukha” and Harjinder Singh “Jinda”(1992)

  • On 9 October 1992, early in the morning (Both of them were hanged at 4 am in Yerwada Central Jail Pune).
  • It is reported they were keep shouting “Sikh independence in the Punjab” slogsns .
  •  They were awarded death sentences at 2:05 pm on 21 October 1989.They also wrote a letter to president of India asking for “No-Clemency”.

Convicted for Following reasons:

  • Assassination of General Vaidya: In 1984, General Arun Vaidya had designed and supervised[25] Operation Blue Star – a controversial military operation ordered by Indira Gandhi, then Prime Minister of India,[26] against a group of Sikh separatists in June 1984 at the Golden Temple, the holiest shrine of the Sikhs. General Vaidya had moved to Pune after his retirement from the army. On 10 August 1986, General Arun Vaidya was shot to death by Jinda and Sukha while he was driving his car home from the market.
  • Assassination of  Congress (I) leader Arjun Dass was assassinated on 5 Sep 1985[32][33] by Jinda,[18] Sukha[34] and one other Sikh because of his involvement in 1984 Anti-Sikh riots. Arjun Dass was a close friend of Prime Minister of India Rajiv Gandhi.[37]
  • India’s biggest bank Robbery: On 13 February 1987, Mr. Jinda along with other members of Khalistan Commando Force, including its chief general Labh Singh, participated in the biggest bank robbery of Indian history and robbed Rs.57.0 million (equivalent to $4.5 million) from Punjab National Bank, Miller Gunj branch, Ludhiana.

23.Ripper Chandran (1992- Kerala):

  • In Kerala, however, the last man to be hanged  was serial killer ‘Ripper’ Chandran at the Kannur Central Prison in 1992.

24.Sohan Singh(1964):

  • S/o Kesar Singh.
  • 31.03.1964.


List of death sentence executions in India is only documented since 1995 by National Crime Records Bureau. The NCRB records the execution profile year wise as part of its prison statistics.


#24.Dhananjoy Chatterjee( 2004 -West Bengal)

This, in turn, was the country’s first execution since 1995.

  • Bio: 43-year-old Dhananjoy Chatterjee from West Bengal.
  • Executed On : August 14 2004
  • Reason for death penalty : For the murder and rape of a 14-year old girl Hetal Parekh in 1990.

#25.Mohammad Ajmal Amir Qasab (2012-Maharashtra)

The Supreme Court of India first rejected his mercy plea and later by hounrable president of india as well.It was also the first hanging in the country in the past eight years.

  • Executed : November 2012  Wednesday, 07:32 am IST (Yerwada Central Jail, Pune ).
  • Reason for death penalty :the lone surviving gunmen in the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks.

#26. Mohammad Afzal Guru(2012-Delhi)

  • Executed On : 9 February 2013.(Tihar Jail, Delhi)
  • a terrorist found guilty of conspiracy in the December 2001 attack on the Indian Parliament was executed by hanging in
  • execution was done secretly, without any public notice.

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