20 Ways to Impress an Indian Girl :My tips

20 Ways to Impress an Indian Girl :My tips
  • Most important Point before you read

I searched in Google a lot to put a small impressive Love quote here to take your heart straight from starting .But none impressed me . Then i thought about putting something from my pocket(my own creation) taking influence from many.

“The ultimate trick to impress a girl at first sight is just smile mildly with your eyes and walk away”

This is the basic most theory. You understand?.Get influenced from others and make sure to  give your version .Never copy cat anything. So here also ,Get influenced reading this and devise your customized plan.

Girls are mysterious and tough to get unlocked easily.But nothing is impossible ,if a man put heart into and try .Here I am  scribbling few of my ideas or suggestions, Which I got from friends as well as from my own personal experience. Despite all the western influence and so called gender equality protests ,basically Indian girls are born and brought up in a conservative way.

Normally before i post anything i just type in Google to find similar posts.But this time i didn’t check because i know that there would umpteen number of articles explaining this. But i have faith that mine would be unique in some way. Because its purely based on my research.

Few facts which you should know about  Indian girls :

  • Indian girls are good in keeping  dual personality.
  • Basically 70-% are in born conventional and orthodox .
  • Money conscious and would love to give preference to comfort beyond hard core  sincere love concepts.


1: Be a Natural Actor

I talked to few of my friends (girls and boys) about the topic “How to impress an Indian girl “and after assessing the result I  summed up few points.

Do this to impress them :

  • Show damn Caring:
  • Talks her positive side:(negatives lightly)
  • Play with her (lightly tease her  or poke her):
  • Balance a good boy and bad boy image wisely:

Its a long list. So as far as Indian girls are concerned all the above mentioned points inevitable.

So to perform all this things wisely and efficiently you NEED TO BE BORN ACTOR. So act (no need to feel bad ,its for a good thing). Keep in mind that acting is what is reacting . So don’t cross the limit and over act.


2: Communicate with your eyes

Eyes are mass destructive  weapon. Try to bring brightness or interest through your eyes when ever you speak to her.  Smile through your eyes.  Let she feel that beauty.And its a conveying medium too.So practice with your eyes. mould in way to effectively keep eye contact when ever you speak. Sure it would disturb her in dreams if you use it strategically . For Indian specifically bring shyness and naughtiness in eyes. they love it most.

Ultimate tip to keep your eye glow:

  • Wash your face with water most often and  just don’t wipe it out . Let it get dry naturally.
  • Tight sleep.

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3: Intelligence and Smartness

  • Tell something strange or un usually intelligent  ,which she never expect from you  Ex: suppose imagine she is holding a water bottle ,Tell her like  “You know you could find a recycle rating in the bottom of the bottle and i recommend not to use this bottle,because  its rating is 1,Only 3 and above is officially  allowed to reuse”. She would stand idle for some time and  She would reply like “Come on who care all this ” . But take my words , at least she would share  it to 10 friends and  search Internet to confirm it .  So thats the power of intelligence. Impress them with your intelligence. See every one is intelligent ,its all about how wisely you present it. So prepare and be a intelligent and impress her.

4.Impress her family and Parents

  • In India marriage/relation happened between two families unlike two souls in western countries. So before you impress your crush, try to impress her parents and realtives. Undesrtand about her family.

5.Use your Sense to create humour : (Everyone  loves it)

  • Honey could you tell how we stop a baby from crying?  hit on his head with brick..hahah.lol”…If you have this kind of comedies with you. Then stop reading please .lol. Sense of humour has nothing to do with cracking jokes. Its about seeing something in a funny way and present that spontaneously . Every one naturally  have the skill set for it. Only you need boost confidence and a need a comfort zone .Do you noticed your sense humour shine and get good range when you are with family and close friends.why its so?. because you are  so easy and settled. So when you speak to a girl  relax and settle and just talk free. She will laugh sure.

6.Charge her possessiveness: (Not recommended)

This is area is very sensitive and you need to be extra care applying this method. What ever metro sexual era we live,Indian girls are sensitive to the core. They are basically possessive. So use that brilliantly. But keep in mind, you are playing with fire. When you spark her possessiveness make sure to be vigilant.

How to make her possessive : (VERY SENSITIVE AREA,HANDLE WITH CARE)

  • Show interest or talk about other girls (if possible her friends).
  • Comment about other girls accessories.
  • Compare with other girls (deadly dangerous).
  • Bribe any girl to propose in front of our heroin.

If you win to do it mildly ,with in 2 days she will be yours.

7.Groom yourself ,Mould a Style, a unique style: (Find your USP)

Asses yourself first . Do you have a charismatic style . ?..No need to think more . Of course you have.  You keep a unique rhythm in doming things. Yes every one have their own unique style .Its all about finding it and refining it and presenting it.Get help from your friends to find out your unique areas.Work on that and polish it .But never try to bring it purposefully to any one,it would negatively impact. Do you noticed ,we people brag about unique styles of actors. Like actors we too have that USP.

More over groom yourself :

  • Use light cosmetics.
  • Smartly select your accessories (example:Bollywood actor  Imran khan ).
  • keep a signature in everything,right from your mobile phone to wallet.

8.Look at her 3rd eye when you speak face to face

What is 3rd eye ?

  • According to Hindu-Indian mythology and other Christian books 3rd eye is a  a mystical and esoteric concept referring to a speculative invisible eye which provides perception beyond ordinary sight.

So when you talk to your girl ,keep look at her 3rd eye area often.(third eye is said to be located around the middle of the forehead, slightly above the junction of the eyebrows.) It gives spark for sure. And she will consider you different.

9.Comment and analyze positively about her aesthetics and wardrobe 

  • Indian girls like to get comments on her wardrobe , so observe and comment. make her thing you are observing and analyzing her. Dont comment some random stuff, do research about girls dress and comment.

10. Neat and impressive Social Media life:

With the popularity of social media ,like any other domain of life it totally revamped love too. We got a great platform to show our creativity and to impress her. Maintain your Facebook account neatly and keep a standard in your posts and images. Like her photos and give good and unique comments. Get  notice by sending good images and quotes in whats app. Tweet often. Pin rare photos in pintrest.

Few things to master:

  • Master in typing speed. Reply to her quickly and efficiently in messengers.
  • Should have the ability to bring down her topics and stay as active listener.
  • Appreciate and suggest (never criticize ) her works in social media.
  • Or you can start a BLOG like me. And impress girls. lol

11. Befriend with her best friend

  • In India unlike other countries , girls are not that brave to take a stern decision straight. They need a back up and proper fueling . If they get a support from their best friend. Then its done. Its like extra mileage . If you befriend with her best friend then half of your job is done. And advice her friend to bring out your name most often in their private conversations . Even bribe her to do it(nothing is free in this world). It will work sure.  A mediator can never create a love ,but she can definitely spark and give a driving force.

12. Borrow a small amount of money 

  • It may sound weird, But take my words it will work. Borrow a small amount (like 100 or 200rs) from her and tell “I feel ashamed to borrow small amount from some one less , but in your case i believe you will understand the situation”. And give back in time.(If you’re consuming alcohol, keep it social and minimal. Women don’t like to be around drunk men who keep on bragging about themselves.)

13.Have a beer and call her on phone with little high and talk:

  • This is bit tricky and sensitive thing. Get boozed and talk to her. And call next day and give apologize and promise her that, you are stopping the habit of boozing..This is something tricky and not recommended.

14.Black magic (Not recommended)

  • For technical guys:

Let me start explaining it with a small comparison. What is the most essential and most important thing we need in life? Google?.lol. not exactly .But it has an ever increasing value and our dependability to this american giant  is also increasing. To be listed in Google search result is very important as far a business is concerned.But how? Through  Search engine optimization we get listed in Google easily.But there are some short cut SEO too.

There are 2 kind of SEOs

  • White hat SEO: Slow and steady legal way.
  • Black Hat SEO :Un ethical and illegal way.

But sorry to tell ultimately only white hat SEO stay long even though its take time to get full swing.

  • For non-Technical guys:

Using UN ethical tricks to get a girls attention is easy and instant result oriented.


  • Lie to her brilliantly .
  • Fabricate lot of stories explaining her “how much you love her”.
  • Irritate and frustrate with your proposals.
  • threaten her .
  • Black mail.
  • Buy many out side peoples help to win her.

15 .Make And present your first love story 

  • Propagate or tell to her that , you had a bitter and tragic first love story . This is a very tricky and works very rarely ,But perfect presentation guarantees good result . Tell to the  girl that, she is your second lover,  create a tragic first love story and present  .But make sure to place you as a good character in that story you create. Present in a way that, your heart had broken with that first affair. FYI: That worked for many of my friends .
  • For more details mail me ask@jithumpablog.com.

16: Be proactive in ailment time

  • Ailment time is a time where most go vulnerable mentally and down physically. That is the time where gals expect more care ,So make use of that situation. Be a shadow tree during that time and definitely  she will feel something for that deed of yours. If you come across a situation like that  show your love and care. Sure it will work. And she will be yours.

17.Good Mustach Beared and own a Bike

  • Haha, you may feel it childish but i bet you it will impress average and above Indian girls even today.

18. Kids! Kids! Kids!:

  • Yes, small cute Kids are very much weakness for Indian gals.So if you could successfully convey that to your gal, then it will work as magic. Take some snaps with kids and post in FB/Instagram and give some catcy

19: Last but not least theory: (Love from heart) 

 “When you really want something to happen (from heart sincerely and genuinely ), the whole world conspires to help you achieve it.” —-― Paulo Cohelo

Nothing is impossible is to achieve if you have a  genuine passion for it. Love from heart sincerly .You would get it.Its a cosmic truth. Keep in mind that.”Rome wasn’t built in a day”.So keep practising and practising one day SHE IS YOURS .

20: List will go miles 

  • Solve her problems.
  • Ask help from her to solve your problems:
  • Singing (international ever green method to impress girls).
  • Ask her to pray for you.(basically all Indian girls are theists and they love praying for others).

Continues …..


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