10 Reasons Why Indian Toilets are better than American

10 Reasons Why Indian Toilets are better than American
  • Purely my creativity and this article doesn’t promote or encourage any sort of act in particular.
One of my  online friend David from Texas visited India in 2008 for “Bihar science conference(Patna,Bihar)” and he got into a funny trouble. He happened to use traditional Indian Squatting style toilet accidentally and suffered a lot to adjust with it.And he left a toilet graffiti making fun of Indians (that i came to know recently only,and he spent 1hour to do that awesome creative work).

Later he called me up and criticized my country,culture and people deeply in one stretch.I said nothing to him straight but held my phone receiver patiently and heard him. Because i could understand the emotional insult he has faced .lol. Later i though about it seriously and came up with this idea to bring out the advantage and rare possibilities of this billion-dollar Indian invention called “squat toilets “.Even Indians are neither promoting nor using it nowadays. So i think let me do it.

First off ,i was bit shy to write about this topic early .But my cousin from Alberta boosted me telling “people of ancient Rome used to have  sewer goddess, a toilet god, and a god of excrement“. yeah i have to.You know More People In The World Have Mobile Phones Than Toilets?.See it is the subject relvent to be discussed at this point of time.So i did a small case study to bring this out for you.


What is traditional Indian toilets: (intro)

  • You have to take squat position.
  • You have to take water instead of toilet paper.

If you want a step by step method .You can search in wiki how.

So here start the list.

1.Increase your life Expectancy 

An  average person spends 3 months of its lifetime sitting on the toilet“.

  • I believe Every one knows the importance of exercise ?. But many fail to continue it  due to many reasons. Let me give you a ultimate suggestion. Just use an Indian toilet. By using Indian toilets you are doing a best exercise (sit and stand and use your hands) in more natural way with out knowing .And also Indian toilet posture is good for proper blood circulation as well .With this daily practice( i am sure you all go to toilet daily ) you can get rid from knee/calf/leg muscle related issues.

2: Be a Eco-friendly human being

“In the United States, more than 98% of the toilet paper sold is harvested from  virgin forests and this number is increasing. Americans go through three times as much toilet paper as the average European and more than 100 times more than the average bathroom-goer in India.”

There are more active environmentalists and vegetation lovers in american than India.But no one ever protest or raised voice against this anarchy of killing trees for toilet papers. Here is where the importance of Indian toilets comes. Where its purely ECO  -friendly and water is used with a small amount of soap for cleaning purpose .More clean human body more and more free trees. please protect our wild life.


3:Be neat and Clean:

  • I still  remember what my grand mother used to tell me in hushed voice when i brag and boast about american culture and people “hey young man Americans are very untidy people, they never clean with water after going to toilet instead they use some toilet paper.Think about it?.they dosent have culture in this very basic thing.”. She is very correct right?.In Indian toilets you have to use water and soap instead of papers. So you get better hygienic way of doing it. And also get rid from toilet seat bacteria’s.

4: Wonder Full Digestion System

  • When you sit in a Indian toilets with squat position your  whole digestive system i s pressed and pressured and our foods get churned well and give you a perfect and uniform flow of slurry .So you get much relaxed and cleaner stomach.But think about american toilets?.In american easy toilets you sit idle and most of the things are not properly churned out and it would cause unwanted  digestion problems.

5. Be Humble and Simple

There is famous saying in a epic Malayalam movie “left right left ”

Man is part DNA, part unknown and part what he sees and goes through as a child

So through Indians toilets kids get a humble and simple attitude in-directly at very early stage itself.They become more ground to earth (not literally lol.).Un knowingly this is giving such an impact to shape out better char and attitude at the very early stage of out life.

6: Save Water

“Americans spend  5 cents per day by flushing their toilets and an average toilet uses 6 litres (1.6 gal) of clean water in a single flush”

Its already much debated topic.”Water”.Availability of water in future?.How we survive this deadly problem in future.We haven’t been informed much by scientists ,how horrible the situation would turn .We literally gonna stock out from pure water in near future.No doubt about it.So each and every drop of water should be handle with care. In Indian toilet we use one or 2 mug of water to clean.So when you use indian toilet you are part of a system to protect and reserve water for your next generatio .

Save water
Save water

7 :Not platform dependent

  • Indian Toilets are purely platform independent  You need not always have a pot or seat under your ass to do things. We know we are just human beings and there are many situations in which we have to behave like a core human being.On emergency situation, like  in road trips,adventure trips  you could sub consciously take that shape(that is purely taught by Indian toilets ) for doing your things easily.(at the side of the road, near forest like that ) . This is not possible if you used to american toilets. Think about it.You are not going to sit inside a comfortable room always.This is life.anything can happen.so take precautions.

8: More privacy

  • As you know in Indian toilets there is no pot or stool like stuff to sit or stand up on it .So you get more close to ground and you could do your things not being worry about the adjoining block fellows spy.In american toilet ,the possibility getting found is high. Because you are sitting about something.So in private time ,stay close to ground and enjoy the private moment in its best.

9:Escape from un wanted guest

“Good guests are those who leave early “

Guests are an in inevitable  people in any family system . There are good guest and bad guests. As i said in my aforementioned quote , good guest leave us so early and most of the time they would be more close to us. But the latter mostly irritate us by taking our private room and toilet.So how to get rid from cousins are relatives from america and  London.??..Yes if you have Indian toilet in your home i am sure guests will run away.especially american and London guests. Because they are never used to it and until reading this article they are never gonna know about the advantages of using it.Even though its bit a negative kind of promotion ,i believe you would love this point more.

10:Think about it .Its really fun isn’t

  • Think its more fun and healthy.What else you want. You are already idle sitting in front of internet daily around 5 or 6 hours in this modern technologically advanced era. Come on you don’t you need a break from this so called busy public life .You get more original and real doing it .Even grown ups can sit and close to ground with out being any tension or embarrassment…you should try ate last once.


Hope you enjoyed reading it.Please don’t forget to put your value comments and suggestions and let share,learn and grow.

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