10 Famous Vishwakarma Caste celebrities in Mollywood

10 Famous Vishwakarma Caste celebrities in Mollywood

Few Details about Vishwakaram caste in Kerala

5 Vedas are there, Rig,Yajur,Sama,Adharva and Pranava. All these Vedas are gifted by god Vishwakarma to Vishwakarma Vishwabrahmins (Manu,Maya,Twashta,Shilpi and Vishwajna) and was practiced by Vishwakaram in ancient period.

According to traditional belief, Vishwabrahmins are descended from five sons of lord Viswakarma They are as follows:

  • Manu ………. Rig Veda
  • Maya ………. Yajur Veda
  • Twashtha ……….. Sama Veda
  • Silpi ……….. Adharva veda
  • Vishwajnya………… Pranava Veda

Vishvakarmas of Kerala, also known as Achary or Viswabrahmins.They are classified into various sub-castes.

  • Marayasari (carpenters)
  • Kallassari/Shilpi (masons, sculptors)
  • Moosari (bronze smiths)
  • Thattan (goldsmiths)
  • Kollan/Karuvan (blacksmiths)

There are sub cast of carpenters like Odaaies, who are the traditional wooden ship makers of northern kerala.But Kallassaries are very less in numbers.

Here i am listing of Vishwakaram Celebrities who acted in Mollywood movies.


  • Malayalam Film Actor and producer.
  • Came through mimicry and later became star in Mollywood.

2.K Sarath

  • Famous Malayalam music composer.


  • South Indian actress and Director.
  • Wife of famous director Mani-Rathanam.
  • Did inter caste marriage with Mani-rathanam.
  • She is a atheist.

4.Jagathy Sreekumar

  • Mollywood actor.
  • Did inter caste marriage with malika sukumaran and later divorced.


  • Debuted through Malaylam film.
  • Now active in tamil films.
  • Vikrams wife belongs to Kannur district in Kerala.


  • Famous Mollywood actress.
    Married a brahmin Mani-Swami(Intercaste marriage) later divorced.

7.Sudeep Kumar Singer 

  • Sudeep is born to Kainakary Sudhakaran and Rajamma.
  • Sudeep had his education at St Joseph’s High School, Punnapra, SD College, Alappuzha, from where he did his graduation in Malayalam, and Government Law college, Thiruvananthapuram.
  • He is married to classical dancer Kalamandalam Sophia.(They have two daughters, Minsara and Neehara)

8.Rakesh brahmanandan

  • Rakesj remdered beeaitufll songs like Aavanimaansam of Abhiyum Njanum and Pora Niranjoru Pathira in Jawan of Vellimala .
  • Rakesh Brahmanandan, the son of legendary singer K P Brahmanandan.


  • Tamil comedy artist.

10. Bharth 

  • Debuted in film with Director Shankers movie Boys.

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