SetUp-How I Work

Many people mailed me asking my working style and technical details. So here i am adding my complete list.


I thank my friend Afsal for helping to set up my blog.


Web Services jithumpa Pay For

  • Web Hosting:
  • WordPress Themes: Theme Junkie.
  • Email Newsletter: Mail Chimp.
  • Web Domains:
  • Monetization: Google Adsense.
  • Analytics : Google Analytics.

Jithumpa’s Gadgets & Computer Hardware

  • Computers: Samsung.
  • Mobile Phone: Microsoft Lumia 535.
  • Printer & Scanner: HP Photosmart
  • Networking: Idea 3g and BSNL Home Borad Band.

Software’s jithumpa Use?

  • Web Browser: Google Chrome
  • Office: Microsoft Office .
  • Files: Google Drive, Dropbox
  • CMS: WordPress

What’s Jithumpa’s work space like?

I am the only employee working at and I don’t have a permanent work space. When i am in home (@vallikunnu) i use my personal room and when i move ,i use my phone to write.