7 Shocking Divorces in Bengal Cinema:Kolkata

7 Shocking Divorces in Bengal Cinema:Kolkata

Celebrity’s personal stories got ever demand market in India. Here i am Listing shocking divorce stories of Bengali cinema celebrities.

The highest divorce rate is in Kerala at 0.72 per cent, followed by Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra.

1.Srabanti Chatterjee divorced Rajib Biswas:

  • Srabanti Chatterjee and her director husband Rajib Biswas burst out into the open when Srabanti’s advocate send summons to Rajib. Personal life of Srabanti Chatterjee is passing through a rough stage. Srabanti Chatterjee raised her voice for divorce from her 11 years married husband and Rajib explains it as shocking to him. Rajib is hopeful and says that there is no serious cause that Srabanti is debating for a divorce.
  • This is case of love marriage and also a romantic love affair as they get married when Srabanti Chatterjee was only fifteen.(Srabanti Chatterjee was born in 1987 and in 2003 she married Rajib Biswas.)
  • The marriage was not a social marriage – a registry marriage. All romances shutters when Srabanti Chatterjee becomes a ‘celeb’ and Rajib Biswas merely a director. It is heard that sometimes Rajib becomes very violent and also physically assaulted her. They have an offspring who always feels that the quarrel between her mother and father be stopped but ultimately turn into a decision to divorce. Rajib feels very embarrassed whenever he is asked about Srabanti’s new engagement – there is a rumour that Srabanti has developed a romantic relationship with someone from the film industry. Rajib’s only feeling is that he knows only a simple Srabanti. Rajib Biswas also exclaims that he never feels insecure whenever Brabant is paired with Tollywood heros. Rajib Biswas said that all the past memories are not bitter and everything between them in last 11 years is not meaningless. Rajib is unwilling to reconcile because it will always hamper the future life. Srabanti’s only defense she was always beside her husband in hard times. Srabanti Chatterjee thinks that she never blames anyone for any misfortune and she is only alive for her son – Jhinuk. Srabanti Chatterjee wants to make an end of her married life – a life of terror (according to her). Srabanti Chatterjee said that if she has developed a relationship with someone, her husband Rajib has relationship with ten women. Srabanti Chatterjee is suspicious of Rajib’s relationship with other women and she can’t bear with the incident that her husband is sharing with other women.

2. Swastika Mukherjee got seperated from Pramit Sen

  •  The marriage was an unhappy one, lasting only two years before the couple separated.
  • Reason: Swastika accused him of physically abusing her and locking her out of their home when she was pregnant and filed a charge against him for cruelty (it was later dismissed).According to Mukherjee, Sen filed for divorce in 2000, but changed his mind later when she became successful in her acting career.
  • She had one daughter from the marriage, Anwesha, born in 2000.
  • She then went into a relationship with Jeet, but broke up due to gossips saying that Jeet was dating Koel Mullick. Later, she began a relationship with Parambrata Chatterjee on the sets of Brake Fail.
  • As she was still technically married to Pramit Sen, he filed a charge against Chatterjee for criminal adultery and enticement of a married woman. They separated in 2010 after Chatterjee moved to London.

3. Rachna Banerjee divorced Siddhanta Mahapatra

  • Banerjee married Siddhanta Mahapatra at Cuttack in 2004.
  • Later Divorced and she left the Oriya Film Industry.
  • Currently she is married to Probal Basu and has a son, named Pronil Basu.

4.Roopa Ganguly divorced Dhruba Mukherjee:

  • Birth place :Kalyani near Kolkata, West Bengal, India.
  • Married Dhrubo Mukerjee in 1992.(Her son Akash was born in 1997)
  • The marriage broke in 2006.
  • Reason : Ganguly said that her husband started feeling insecure about her recognition as an actress. .
  • Later she lived with her singer companion, Dibyendu, 13 years younger than her, in her Mumbai flat.

5.Prosenjit Chatterjee (Married 3 times)

  • Prosenjit is married three times
  • First married Debashree Roy (1992–1995) and divorced.
    Then married Aparna Guhathakurta (1997–2002) and divorced.
  • Currently Proenjith lives with Arpita Chatterjee.

6.Srijit Mukherji Divorced 

  • Indian film director, actor, screenwriter who predominantly works in Bengali cinema.

7.Anindya Bose divorced Satarupa (Rai) Sengupta.

Lead singer for the Bengali band Sahar

  • Divorced Jisshu’s elder sister, Satarupa (Rai) Sengupta.

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