6 Online food ordering services in Kochi

There is not even single week of mine goes with out ordering food online. Yes i am not exaggerating , its a fact. Its actually in this year 2018 food delivery revolution started. Now there are 4 major players in Kochi online delivery market .


  • Us based car sharing organization leaped into online food ordering market and revolutionized the industry in short time.
  • Uber eats gives free delivery to first three orders using mobile app.

2.Swiggy :

  • Based out of Bangalore.
  • Started operations in Kochin in the year 2018.


  • May be Foodpanda enterd the market first, but they couldn’t make any waves at starting until Uber eats.
  • Based out From Germany.

4.Zomato Order:

  • Food review website got

5. KFC: 

  • Kentucky fried chec

6. Dominos:

  • pizza restaurant got its online food


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