10 Things you didn’t know about Actor Kalabhavan Mani

1.Kalabhavan Mani’s Inter-caste marriage 

  • Kalabhan belongs to Dalit community and later he unveiled to media that he was targeted and insulted by forest guards referring his caste name.
  • Nimmy Mani is his wife’s name.
  • Shockingly, Kalabhavan Mani’s wife Nimmi’s family members, including her father Sudhakaran are in the suspects list. It was father-in-law Sudhakaran, who looked after Mani’s properties.

2.Mani’s first car?

  • He droped out of school and started riding auto to meets the ends to  It was a dream for Mani to own a car. So once he started getting films and his parody songs became hit

3.Mani’s birthday date is on New year day

  •  Birthday day on new year day. What else you need to celebrate

4.Mani spent 40Lakhs for his friends liver transplanting surgery ,But?

5.Mani’s friend “Mani-Kandan” wrote all his famous songs lyrics

6.Movie “MLA Mani patham classum gusthiyum” is based Mani’s own story 

7.He bought the land where his father used to work for his landlord:

8.”Vasanthiyum lakshmiyum pinne njanum” is based on a story of someone from Chalakudi:

9.Mani named his daughter after the character Lakshmi from movie “Vasanthiyum lakshmiyum pinne njanum”:


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