20 Questions asked at Qburst Kochi .net Interview

Qburst noted as the best and fastest growing Kerala born company. Qburst got offices in all prime cities in Kerala Trivandrum, Cochin , Thrissur and Calicut. And also Qburst is a preferred company for many IT professionals in Kerala due to its fastest going nature and also its attractive appraisal packages.

Here i am going to share you Questions asked to me in Qburst dotnet interview

Ok So lets start.

First Telephonic round :

First we shared formal pleasantries.

First question interviewer asked is “Tell about your technical details”. Note the point just don’t go telling My name is that and this, he specifically mentioned to tell about your technical background so go ahead telling your professional and technical things.

Interviewer first asked me first how much i rate myself in

MVC (Model view controller )

Oops (object)

SQL(Structured query language)

.Net (Dot net Framework)

Keep in mind that interviewer will be asking and evaluating question& answers based on your rating . So make sure you tell the rating genuinely and wisely.

First asked .net related questions :

  • Manifest
  • Dot net frame work
  • Dynamic language run time
  • Features in .NET 4 and .Net 4.5
  • Then moved to MVC related questions
  • Then moved to Oops related questions
  • Run time polymorphism

Second asked .Oops related questions :

  • Difference between run time polymorphism and nd early binding with examples
  • Difference between

Third asked C# related questions :

  • What is unmanned code ?


Fourth asked MVC related questions :


Fifth asked SQL related questions :

  • Index
  • System defined functions (Not user defined functions)


Altogether their interview process was good and they are looking for genuine guys. So remind that you cannot clear Qburst interviewer by throwing some by hearted theorateic  answers. Prepare well and all the wishes.

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