When a Cusat guy got a proposal from a girl unexpectedly

Location: CUSAT hostel toilet Kerala,India: (Time 11 pm Friday):

A Dutch angle and A mid shot scene –  Our hero’s Introduction.

“Oh come on… Tell me my sunshine.. .See I am not gonna discuss this with any one.” .The conversation that followed was even more raunchy than the normal toilet smell. So lets peep into the next  room…Pindrop silence…. The room was engulfed in silence even though it was occupied by  8 engineering students..!! This category of rooms are silent only in 2 situations:

1: While sleeping (snooze and sleep-talks are exceptional).

2: While fixing drinks.

And obviously by the day and time the silence here can be attributed to the latter cause.

“Hello Mr. Toilet-phoner come fast.. It’s ready”..

My Northie friend roared… I dashed to the room and grabbed my beer bottle…. If u want to see intense and real love from your friend then u should drink with him (cosmic truth). Boozing times are revelation moments too. If there are lovers  they are the ones to be  hunted first And as usual I was the victim. 3 things prompted me to reveal the secrets which I had managed to scrape a  few seconds before from my toilet conversation with my lover (Maybe she does but I don’t love her, but others call us lovers) I shooted it out embellishing and exaggerating the facts (even though it was cheap).. Actually that was what my pals wanted too… I said it  because of 3 reasons.

  1. Inevitable Peer pressure.
  2. Intoxication at the zenith.
  3. And the more obvious reason is I just didn’t love her.

I feel so sleepy so the curtains drop on the  hostel scene.

My character Detailing.

.”I am part of the so called new generation wave and we do believe only in flirting and showing off . There is no room here for sincere love stories of melodramatic emotions in our life. Come on..  Girls love and all is  just drama” (I HATE LOVE STORIES)… I often used these words those days…. .Everyone knew the nature of my relationship with her (I am not unveiling her name, like Shakespeare said “What is in a name anyway?”)… And everybody but her knew that one reality too…I was not really into that relationship…. I wouldn’t describe her with the usual eyes, hair, body stature and physical aspects jargon, but she was “SENSIBLE and SENSITIVE” (And I think that is all that  a girl ought to be) But everybody is of the opinion that she loves me with all her heart (Who cares???) I often rejected her calls, I never used to hear her words, I would tease her in front of my pals, shared her secrets  recklessly (it was a hidden-trick too, to avoid her), I screened her messages… But why did  she still???… There are no answers to certain questions (and let it stay in that list).. So it was my fruity time… A lover to love and respect from friends…. Muhaaaaa(Sound of pride!!!)

Location: Cusat Sports day: (time: 10am:)

“Who the holy F  is spraying water on my face?” I murmured. I opened my eyes gently and with so much strain.The irritating noise made by the people around me was driving me mad .I calmly realized the dark scene.

“Are u okay Jithu?”

“Do you want to drink beer bro ?”

“You are not dead yet you rascal” (Of course it’s my loyal friend, I confirmed ).

.”Oh yeah ,I am okay ” I tried to pull my self up and said.

“You fell down unconscious during the 100m race you horse”.

 “Dude what a pathetic capacity you have!!”

Those harsh comments conjured space  for a comical scene , but it definitely was not funny for me. I looked around with my half opened eyes and found smiling ,haughty and sympathetic damn faces .But suddenly my sight stuck on a long beautiful  and cute face, which obviously belonged to “you-know-who-that-is”. It was pale, reddish and  with tear stricken eyes. Her cheeks bones were dancing due to the  emotional hub-up. I could spot the pain and anxiety in her eyes. Some one hushed  inside my heart with a bang .”Aswajith look at that, she is crying for you. The very girl you avoid most often is feeling sympathy for you . She is anxious and worried about the same guy who has never considered her even a bit. I felt ashamed of myself and started repenting a little. Later she helped me in on  her shoulder and supported me all the way to the second year mechanical class room along with my friend Bijesh..

i went to Random thoughts walking with her.

“Oh god!! Whats happening to senses??? I could only see her, I could only hear her and I can only smell her. Is this revelation or salvation? I kept my eyeballs  locked on her . It felt like the entire scene was being played in slow motion. She slowly patted  my hair with the care and attention  I had only felt with my very mom. With her care,her love and  affection I felt like I was being lifted into another world. Once again someone raised a voice  from my heart gently  “Aswajith now it’s high time to tell her “Ya tebya lublu ” (Russian way of expressing love ,because she looked exactly like a Russian).I prepared myself to raise my tongue and  I could sense my heart beat in its peak..

“Jithu, I’m going to the  hostel. See you tomorrow”

“You-know-who-that-is” I want to say something”, I said gently. Her face lighted up.

“Yeah go on.. Say”…

“No i will tell you tomorrow”

“Ok then”

Sleepless night:

“Hello what happened to your boy? What  drama is he doing tomorrow???”Pa asked mom.

“Drama?? On sports day? No idea!!” she replied..

“He is talking to himself doing strange filmy gestures in the backdrop of some trash slow  songs. Is he mad?”

“I don’t know.” she turned her eyes to the idiot box. Like all unfortunate hubbies he too joined the  TV  serial without interest.

What in the world is happening to me??? I checked my mobile. I looked at my screened messages list. I removed her number from there. I saw her  messages which I had blocked using my mobile’s feature. I used my full bed. I tried strange postures… No way.. God help me sleep… I practiced my words which I would say tomorrow, talked in front of the mirror for the umpteenth number of time. How will I tell her?? At last somehow I fell  asleep.

D-DAY: I found my pa and ma freeze by the sight of me.. .Their eyes bounced from me to the clock and again back to me between stipulated intervals….

“Oh boy this is the first time in your….what happened to you man???” The time is only 6am…. I better take a snap now. Most probably it will never happen again (I don’t know why all Dads refuse to show their love even if they do have that in abundance)

“Hello you are my dad, not a reality show judge to cast this strange look and let loose sarcastic comments.”

 Only lovers know that feeling. It’s wonderful. I took 2 hours to do all make up.. I simply moved away with them staring behind me wonder-struck. I marched to college and placed myself near the first year class corridor wall.. I waited for her….

“Jithu what a surprise!!!  Why, you are so early.. And you look nice too today” (When  we are happy it reflects on our face obviously).. Her comment made a curve on my lips…..

“I want to talk to you personally… Come to the backside of the building around 2pm”…..

But I got there around 1pm and waited 4 her instead. (First time I’m waiting for her)… Thank God all my friends  are at the  hostel for the usual alcoholic rounds…

“Why are you so nervous today??  It’s  3pm already and we’ve been here  for the  last 1h. But  I am so happy to get you here without your friends.. I hate them” This is love-block… I know that… Hmmmm okey… I said to myself.. Okey I wanted to tell you something… Hmm… I laughed… I*……..; my tongue slipped when I saw some of my pals coming close to us…. All of them were fully charged… Her face became pale and she looked at me for  mercy.

 “Yo!!  ***k*r  you’re  here eh????

“Eda mind your words she is here”

Ha ha…”This crap… Oh I’m sorry… You may be in your usual discussion about the physical changes of her sensitive parts…. Record everything precisely and vomit at night as you always do”….

 Oh God! I am done for. If I could avail the use of a time machine and  fast forward my life at least  1 day to escape a weird situation then this sure would have been the appropriate moment. I waited silently with my jaws dropped to hear from her.. She stood up and all the while the bloody silence kept gnawing the terse and tense ambiance surrounding us .Her lips were quivering along with  cheek bones. She widened her eyes like Shobhana in Manichithrathazhu !! Her facial muscles twitched and her words stopped short in her mouth…”Aswa u….” Drops of tears oozed out from the corners of her eyes and streaked down across her face tracing the same path over and over again. To me  it seemed  like blood.”Aswa I loved u more than my parents, more than my life.. My friends often warned me but……  She struggled to breath but I loved u (I could see her mind in her face), Even when you neglected me often with your words and deeds, I waited 4 your change.. .But I wont take this. You have looked down on  me mentally and physically. You simply unveiled prime and private matter ,which i shared with u, only  u, the most valuable secret of a girl , to  your pals, like it was nothing, like it was something funny…… You treated me like crap ” She somehow managed to finish her words…. I HATE U BASTARD….. She roared… She burst out into tears…”How dare you???”.. “You really are going  to pay for this”.. I HATE YOU…  I HATE YOU…  I HATE YOU.. She unbuttoned the last few  of my buttons and shook  me entirely with her shivering hands…. I couldn’t make out  what was happening around me… I became motionless…

But I sensed my eyes becoming wet. Some of her friends dragged her away. But her words kept banging me like repeated television ads. I walked away  embarrassed   and more in pain… Is this pain love??? Whatever the  modern era we live in, whatever medical development we claim, there are no cure 4 some pain…. And I was then  in such pain…. She was right.. I just had no words to say.. I was sure that I couldn’t face her anymore… I don’t even know how I completed those odd remaining days in college… After completing my studies even now I send her texts, and make calls(even though she changed her number)… And each time I hope to get something different from  “This number is not exist” and “Message can’t be delivered”……..



Morel of the story:

  1. DON’T even dare to prank  with love.
  2. Never share your lady secrets with any one at any cost.

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