What is the FULL FORM OF ISLAM??

What is the FULL FORM OF ISLAM??



My dad usually read lot of devotional books before he go to bed at night. And he advises me by telling the example stories in that books as well. But I won’t usually take it as serious and simply nod my head as an approval sign most often. But last day when he asked me the full form of “ISLAM”, and challenged me to answer it, i said him to wait a minute and checked in Google, I was sure about getting the proper answer. But I couldn’t find the answer in it .I never expected that. Is there anything in this world that Google can’t answer still??..Yes there is lot and that was the question which reminded me to think about it.What surprised me more is not the failure of Google but my dad’s answer to the question which he asked. Muslims 5-prayer-per-day (niskaram) is part of their religious custom and daily routine and each one have different timings as well.And if we check that prayer names you can find the full form of ISLAM.how strange right.?..

When I searched in net I got this results:


Islam is an Arabic word, which comes from the word ‘Salm’ which means peace and from ‘Silm’, which means submitting your will to Allah – the Almighty God. In short Islam means peace acquired by submitting your will to Allah .A Muslim is a person who submits his will to Allah – the Almighty God.


5 prayer timing of Muslims(approximate) 


  • Fajr (pre-dawn): Two rakahs (around 7:00 am):

This prayer starts off the day with the remembrance of God; it is performed before sunrise. Begins about one hour and twenty minutes before sunrise and ends about ten minutes before sunrise . (It is recited out loud.)


  • Luhar( dhuhr or Zuhr):(noon): Four rakahs (around 12:30 pm):

After the day’s work has begun, one breaks shortly after noon to again remember God and seek His guidance. Begins when the sun passes the meridian and ends about two and a half hours afterwards. (It is recited in silence.)


  • Asr (afternoon): Four rakahs (around 4:20 pm):

In the late afternoon, people are usually busy wrapping up the day’s work, getting kids home from school, etc. It is an important time to take a few minutes to remember God and the greater meaning of our lives. Begins from the time the noon prayer time ends and ends about 10 minutes before sunset. (It is recited in silence.)

  • Maghrib (sunset): Three rakahs (around 6:00 pm):

Just after the sun goes down, Muslims remember God again as the day begins to come to a close. Begins soon after sunset and ends before darkness approaches. (The first two rakahs are recited out loud, and the third is recited in silence.)


  • Isha (evening): Four rakahs (around 7:20 pm):

Before retiring for the night, Muslims again take time to remember God’s presence, guidance, mercy, and forgiveness. Begins from the time the sunset prayer ends and extends till just before the morning prayer. (The first two rakahs are recited out loud, and the last two recited in silence.)

IF we combine the first letters of all this 5 prayers we get the full of Islam(it sjust coincidentally happened,no scientific reason. )


 HERE IS MY FULL FORM:(combination of 5 prayer times)




I asked many of my Muslim friends about it. But none know about this hidden full form .It’s the real magic of almighty(allaha) or just be coincident as agnostics tell. At this time of international conflicts in the name of ISLAM religion, i would like to remind all the importance of love ,kindness and humility which are the core values of all this religion actually.Let we all live here in this beautiful world without discrimination of any sort..  love all


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