My Last 3 Valentine’s in 3 Different Countries

My Last 3 Valentine’s in 3 Different Countries


  • This is based on 30 percentage true story and 70 percentage my imagination.
  • Its doesn’t represent any thing specific and i have no agenda about de promoting anything.

I cannot switch on my Love. Coz My Love is like an elevator going up and down.

I celebrated my last 3 valentine days in 3 different countries luckily in Elevator –INDIA,QATAR,KENYA.



  • Location :Arcade building Chakkorathukulam,west hill Calicut,Kerala ,India Elevator.

I happened to be in Elevator with  a  Mallu girl. With much hesitation and shyness i some how finished saying

  • Me: “Happy valentines day,and you look good in this dress.

She just chuckled and nodded her head .(yeah seriously even that smile is rare to get as acknowledgement most time from mallu girl) Then turned her head off from me.

From 3rd floor her acquaintance (later i came to know) walked in and our Mallu girl is like screaming

  • Mallu girl : “Happy valentines day …see my new dress?..hows this ? come on tell me yaar”

And yeah of course she just glanced to see my reaction. And walked out.


  • Location: Ras laffan ,Qatar petroleum EDR division Elevator.

I walked into Elevator from ground floor. From 1st floor with a amouage perfume fragrance a bit fat  lady entered.

i smiled And said

  • Me: “Hi happy valentines day “.
  • She: yeah there is no coverage in here,I am using Ooredoo ,what about you?

my jaws dropped ,Oh my god .What i asked?,what she replied .I stayed  dumbed.

unexpectedly door opened and Some Arabi man walked in suddenly, i found she reacted strangely and pushed me slowly and put her veil down and said to me.

  • Lady :“Hey you just keep a distance please, why you are staying so close to me”.

That Arabi Man stared me suspiciously  and then looked at the lady and smiled and said

  • Arabi: ” Kaifa halak ” and they started speaking in their native language.

I felt like betrayed and stayed there until the lift reached 5th  floor.


  • Location : Park place business park ,Limru road.

With her  beautifully designed yarn braids she walked into the Elevator. Before i could tell anything.

  • African girl : Hi cutie ,happy valentines day “
  • Me: yeah hai.
  • African girl : “I like your thick black hair ” is it original?
  • Me: Yeah ,of course .I just raised my eye brows.

She came close to me and touched my hair and asked

  • African girl :are you engaged or what?

I got shocked and said

  • Me: no,yes yes i am Engaged. I just stammered.

and walked out in the next floor.



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