My First Love Letter -Vishukkaineetam in Year 2000.

My First Love Letter -Vishukkaineetam in Year 2000.

Before Leap read this brief :

  • Based on a true Event.
  • Happy Vishu to all.


This story happened when ?

  • Mark Zuckerberg  (founder of  Facebook )  was just a College student.
  • Jan Koum and Brian Acton (Founders of Whats app)  were Working in  YahooIn.

So it was time in which there was no Face book and Whats app for communication.

So this story revolves around  a time where couples used “LOVE LETTER” as communication medium.

  • What is love Letter?

A love letter is a romantic way to express feelings of love in written form. Whether delivered by hand, mail, carrier pigeon, e-mail, tweet.  The letter may be anything from a short and simple message of love to a lengthy explanation of feelings. Love letters may ‘move through the widest range of emotions – devotion, disappointment, grief and indignation, self-confidence, ambition, impatience, self-reproach and resignation.

  • What is Vishukkaineetam?

Vishu  is a Hindu festival celebrated in  Kerala ,usually in the second week of April. It is considered a festival of light and fireworks, and decorating lights and bursting of firecrackers (Vishupadakkam) is part of the celebration. Other elements of Vishu include buying of new clothes (Puthukodi) for the occasion, the tradition of giving money called Vishukkaineetam.

This is about Vishu Kaineetam which Got in class 7th stand 14 years back.


  • Location:  Wednesday Venerni English medium girls high school Calicut, 2000
  • Time : 11am Class 7th standard B.


Mehreena Nasrin: Hi Jithu can you come to that jack fruit tree near School assembly stage during PT hour ?

Me: Why ?

Mehreena : Someone need to give something to you.

huh?.I scratched my head . I didn’t understand anything. But before I ask more she ran away.

Few minutes later.

  • Location: School assembly stage 2pm.

I reached near jack fruit tree biting my nails with excitement. and stood there anxiously.

I saw Mehrain coming fast ,hiding something. Mehreena come straight to me and given me a letter.

Me: What is this ?

Mehreena : Nehala Muhammaed  gave me this  ,to give you . ” Go from here before any one come and see”.

She pointed to the  stage where Opana dance practice is going on.Where Nehala is practicing dance. I saw Nehla in typical Muslim attire sitting in middle as Manavatti.  She send a sharp glance with her goat-like eyes .

I smiled back and opened the letter and started reading.

Synopsis of the love letter. (NB: Written using latest Natraj hb pencil)


Please don’t stare me during class period, I can’t concentrate in class properly .You have no other job? Well yesterday evening I found you sitting next to Anjana  in school bus .Let me Remind you something, she is not that  good girl, after all its your decision and life I have no issue. But don’t let others cook up gossip .You have a bright future.

Vishu Wishes to you and to you family

by Nehala Muhammaed.

I smiled and walked out with my first ever love letter.(i considered it as love letter)

Location : Jafar Khan Colony Calicut .My home .

Me : “How many times I said to you, I am not a kid any more.I need a lock for my room door I am matured guy.

MOM: I know why you need lock .

Me: What you mean? Tell me?

Mom :Don’t let me come and explain ok.  Go and sleep after having that milk . GO go .

I taken deep breath as stress buster.

I went to bath room straight and locked the door, the only private place allowed in this home.

And I read the letter again for the 6th time .Each time it excites me. I fell to a dream. A colour full dream.

Vishu day morning 5.30.

Dad : My dear son  get up.

and that words hit my ears.

 “Don’t Please don’t stare me during class period, I can’t concentrate in class properly.HA HA”. (Dad read some thing out loudly)

Me: What?  I didn’t understand anything. I just rubbed my hair and face. What  happened to dad ? What is he blabbering in this morning . I saw dad left the room. I slowly got up and  found a letter near my bed . I opened it .Same latter  with some  extra words scribbled using ball pen.

Dear son please Keep it safe before Mom come and see it.

Happy Vishu  By dad

Oh my foot.

Yesterday night after reading that letter ,I left love letter in toilet flush surface.

So my first love letter became history and Vishukkaineetam and Vishu kani.


Happpy Vishu
Happpy Vishu

Let Vishu Spread love to every ones life.  ENJOY VISHU.

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