My Cusat College Classmate: Based on a True Story

My Cusat College Classmate: Based on a True Story



That was my first practical computer class day in new college. Even though the day was bit moody and clouded outside ,I was so excited to go out to first year block where our new computer lab is arranged .In the not so big computer class, I noticed a wicked welcome smile in the lady sitting with a thick mustache ,when she found I am lateral entry admission poly technical diploma holder in IT. I got a seat near to window.When i looked through the grills I saw see some middle aged  ” kudamabsree” ladies busy cleaning the river side area.”I was scrutinizing their work with my binocular eyes. Suddenly “hey man here she comes, I said you yesterday right? our first year class topper and pet of all teachers in this college intelligent ,smart,sensible and beautiful “Swathi Nadu Varma” my roommate prad (Padmagirrshan chinappan in records) sitting next pronounced in a hushed voice.I just tilted my head and quickly scanned her forehead to toe with eyes open. She was not tall, but she was not short either.Her hair was not that long,but it wasn’t too short either.

Even though few areas in her body was bit over bulged, she wasn’t much fat either. Her High powered  harry potter spectacles justifies her tight relationship with books and academic excellence. Albeit she has only average aesthetic appealing I have given 9  out of 10 in over all rating ,because I give more important to “sensibility”, “intelligence” and “hard work” rather than external shining.You could spend money to patch up external pit falls.But you can’t buy a i right?.lol. that was my policy.

And that was enough for me to fall for her and i declared myself, here ends my search for dream girl,I sighed. oh god she is coming straight to me?. May be to sit next to me.?.Much to my excitement she sat near to my seat. Yes I was right. I am really confused to give attention on what now??. “my C++ program” or “Kudumasree ladies” or “my dream intelligent girl”.

I exhaled and inhaled slowly to not give her any indication of my un comfort-ability, tension and emotion hub up i am going through. I waited for few more minutes, then decided to give a smile straight away. When I looked, I found her disturbed and repeatedly typing windows wrong passwords.

Before I move my tongue she said “HELLO I AM VARMA ,SWATHI VARMA “. Even though I didn’t like the way she stressed her caste name, but no way I have to give acknowledgment milk smile. And I have given it. ME: “Hey what’s wrong with your computer?. SHE:Well got some problem with password I guess, may be need to re install . ME: Oh I see. SHE: actually yesterday lab assistant changed my monitor, this is my friends monitor and she is absent today and she has given her personal password.but.Actually i forgot” she gently sipped her small  finger nail and said. ME: what??…But why needed your friends password. Only monitor changed right?…try your old password…that is enough.The awkward silence creeps in and I enjoyed that moment and I was happy too for scoring. She: yeah.She grinned and silently typed her old password and said thank u slowly without producing any sound by moving her lips gently. Why on earth she got all this high ranks in academics and acting like a baby.Oh man, may be she got confused and ok leave it even policeman’s commit errors sometimes.Lot of thoughts butterflied inside my mind regarding that.

Few more hours rolled ahead and we shared some smiles in between and few words too. And was busy doing first c++ experiment “Sorting in ascending” and I completed it with in short time and got sign from teacher and went out for a break and on the way back to my seat she called me again.”Aswajith see I got only 1 error here. I know this program and even I cross checked with rough book. But still. Don’t know what happened to this computer”. “You idiot this is not humanities theory paper to cross check and by heart. this is a logical program” I was about to tell that but I controlled myself .

Oh god is this the girl all said intelligent and smart. Later When I checked, I got 1 error, a small semicolon missing in the program. I glanced at her she is biting and eating her nail and polish like butter and jam due to tension. Its time to do some pranks I thought .I trickily used my both hands quickly and removed semicolon secretly and patted on the monitor 2 times deliberately .She puzzled and yelled at me “hey why are you banging on monitor??””I guess some hardware problem generated that errors” even though I was laughing inside I somehow controlled and told so.

SHE: “are you kidding???”.she said.I complied the program and shown her…”see now no errors”. She just narrowed her eyes and given a strange look .With a smile I just moved back and threw myself into my seat. Oh god she is horrible and terribly intelligent .I think its better to spend time with cleaning “kudambasree” ladies than this intelligence claiming common sense less gals. After few minutes I heard some drum like sound and when I turned back spotted she patting on her friends computer monitor and instructing friend how to solve programming errors by banging on monitor.Oh boy that’s enough I just fell down to floor and laughed at high volume uncontrollably.

Suddenly I felt like some one shakes me hard from back and when I opened my eyes here she in front of me in Saree with small sweat drops rolling down from her forehead and holding a kitchen spoon in her left hand. It took few more minutes for me to understand that it was the same flash back college story comes in my dream most often…Now what’s you problem??.i asked her.jithu please come and teach me again how to operate that bread toaster which you bought yesterday ,that’s not working now.…..OH MY … ….i just dragged her to bed and kissed in her forehead and said oh my INTELLIGENT CLASSMATE I LOVE You.

its loosely based on real time story

Do you want to read Second part of this story ?



NB:I dedicate this to all Engineering topper girls.


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