I Attended Start up Saturday Event at Cochin: My Review about the event

It was my friend Arun Raj(Business analyst @ Suyati Technologies Cochin ) who informed me about this event, unfortunately he couldn’t show up for the event.  i use this opportunity to thank him.

Event Details @ Glance :

  • Event Location : Start Up village Cochin.
  • Event Date: Today 11-4-2011
  • Event Topic: Product or Market Fit.
  • Event Organized by  : HeadStart Community Cochin.

Introduction by Speech by Yadu Krishnan 

  • Coordinator Yadu head started the session with self introduction and participants introduction. He handled his role of event coordinator neatly .

Interactive Session by Boby Varghees

Who is Boby:

  • CEO SE-Mentor and expert trainer in Object Oriented Analysis and Design.

Boby started the session very interactively and casually . He shed some light about being particular about our intention and criticized about the attitude of starting business seeing the success stories of others , he stressed about the point of coming it naturally as passion more than as a escaping.

And his few mentions really moved me and i find it worth to share here.

“Nothing is free in this world” and “Work locally and think globally “

Theory Session by Alok from Xavier institute Cochin

Who is Aloke:

  • Assistant proffer  Xavier institute Cochin.

Aloke from Xavier institute Cochin taken a power-point session going deep into the topic “Product-Market Fit”. He has done a good job explaining the basic concepts of “Product/Market Fit”.

Q and A session

  • Finally we landed into Q& A session. There were few good questions.

Wind up session by Yedu 

  • Yedu discussed about the importance of “net neutrality”  and he requested every one to file a petition to TRAI as a protest to service providers move against net neutrality.

Networking and Tea Time :

  • Now I entered in to the most important session of the event, which i believe. Before i grab my tea, i moved around the hall and shakes hand with my fellow participants . I interacted personally with many people and exchanged the contact which i believe very significant. I informed coordinator Yedu about my interest to join his team for volunteering .

My Understanding about the topic Product/Market Fit

  • Here i am pasting my understating about this particular topic.

According to Marc Andreessen  “Product/market fit means being in a good market with a product that can satisfy that market,” .

That means Making something which someone actually needs.  first constantly analyse your needs within a certain area, as well as those around you, and then make a decision about which product would fulfil the maximum number of people within that market area. The best team with the best product will fail if the market is not there.


Altogether it was nice session and I wish to be part of the coming events. and i will update more news here. Thank you.

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