7 Transportation systems in Qatar

7 Transportation systems in Qatar

Quick facts about Qatar :

  • Richest country in the world
  • 2020 Foot ball world cup to be held there.


Here i am listing out different transportation systems in Qatar.

1: Karwa buses:

  • Owned by : Mowasalat(100% Qatar royal family company )
  • Founded on: 2004.
  • Staffs are found in uniforms.
  • Minimals charges.
  • Around 500 employees are working Mowasalat.

  • Karwa is the one and only safe common public transport system in Qatar.In order to use this  public service  you have to purchase a recharged smart card (or karwa card) from retail outlets like ,Bus station counter ,mobile shops .

Automatic card machine is placed inside the bus will calculate the ticket fair accordingly when we swipe the card in and out.

Drivers are government staff and they got a  uniform too. Unlike names, number system is used to identify each buses (ex: 104 to dukhan.102 to airport).

You need to remember the bus number to identify the route and destination of the bus.

At a glance :

  • Strongly Recommended.
  • Make sure you have smart card with enough balance before you enter the bus.
  • Make sure you have swiped the card when you step in and stepout.


2: Legal taxi’s (KARWA TAXI):

  • Owned by : Mowasalat(100% Qatar royal family company )
  • Founded on: 2004.

It is government approved taxis for luxury commuting. We could give cash directly to driver for meter calculated transit bill.
Just like Karwa bus Drivers are government staff and you find them in same Karwa bus uniform.

At a glance :

  • Strongly recommended.
  • Direct cash(no need of smart card).
  • Check the meter before you give money.

3: Illegal taxi’s: (Share taxi’s ):

Due to less public transport systems available, most people here depend  on illegal taxis or share taxis (private vehicles).Even though it  is against rule, it is abundant in Qatar. It turned a big business  in Qatar. Many people come here and work as illegal drivers and earn fair enough.  They stop the car straight,if they found us lost in the streets,  so no need rush to get it or to wait. But we should fix the rate before we proceed, because most tell triple charges than normal. And keeps in mind it is against rule, if police find you are in jail.So i don’t recommend it.

At a glance : 

  • Against Qatar transport rule.
  • Not recommended.
  • Fix the rate first and proceed.

4: Private vehicles:


Due to low petrol rate and tax less vehicle availability, most people here prefer to buy private vehicles.

At a glance : 

  •  Not recommended.
  • main reason for high traffic.

5:Metro rail:(Under construction)

  • The dream Doha metro construction is going on.

The project will include four rail lines and an underground section in the center of the capital Doha and will link stadiums for the 2022 World Cup soccer tournament.

The contracts were for the Red Line North project, the Red Line South project, the Green Line project and another one to design and build the metro’s major stations. The projects are expected to employ more than 20,000 workers at its peak, construction is scheduled to begin later this year for completion by 2019. Construction of the metro was originally planned to start in the first quarter of 2010[5]

6:Bikes or (2wheelers):

It’s not much in number due to high price. But i have spotted many BMW and Harley Davidson in Doha streets at night.

7:  Airports :

  • Total there are  6 airports in Qatar.
  • Main airport is  “Doha International Airport “.
  • The Al Khor Airport serves as a general aviation airport.
  • The other two airfields are unpaved facilities.
  • The Hamad International Airport, whose first phase is to be opened in 2013, is set to be one of the largest in the world.
  • Since Qatar is a small country geographically there is no domestic service available.

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