37 Intersting Facts about Malappuram

37 Intersting Facts about Malappuram



  • Keep in mind that the points listed in this article is purely based on my perspective.
  • Don’t expect any historical accuracy in the write up.(even though i tried to make it fool proof)
  •  Just consider it as a fun ride.
  • Sorry for grammar and spelling mistakes. Please let me know if you find any.

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Two  Important Landmark in the history of Malappuram .

  • 1960s Gulf boom given employment opportunity and life to many Malappuram. 
  • Aswajith  Does his Polytechnic education in Malappuram(2008 pass out)

 1: World Famous Multiple births (Twins )

  • It is reported that a place in Malppuram called Kodinhi has the unusually large number of twin births. Surveys found the figure to be closer to 204 pairs (408 individuals) of twins, and two sets of triplets. Despite several research the actual reason is yet to discover. . Women from Kodinhi married off to far away places are also known to give birth to twins. Same kind of scenario has also been observed in the town of Igbo-Ora in Nigeria. In Igbo-Ora, In 2008, around 30 pairs of twins from Kodinhi, along with their parents, got together to form the The Twins and Kins Association, the first such association of twins in India.

2. Malappuram “New generation”

  • New generation is a popular and most trending name in Kerala now. I found people making fun of teenagers  who dress colourfully as Malappuram New generation. Sarcastically Malappuram youth is equated with Bihari youth in Kerala.

3: First Indian fully e-literate district:

  • Malappuram is the first electronic literate district in 1 billion people living India.

4: Best Roads in Kerala:

  • Malappuram district has the best road in Kerala ( According to a survey conducted by a private ). Thanks to Muslim league politicians in Malappuram district.

5: Calicut International airport and Calicut University Located in Malappuram:

  •  It is known as Calicut International airport and Calicut University all over the world. But geographically both this establishment belong to Malappuram district

6 :First ISO certified State in India For quality management.

  • Malappuram is the first and only municipal body in the country to win an ISO 9001-2008 certification for quality management. It has been on a track of fast reforms for the past couple of years and has achieved the distinction of having zero pendency of files.

Although Namakkal municipality had won ISO 14001-2004 certification a few years ago, it was exclusively for environment-friendly services.


7. 89 Percentage Muslim community:

  • India is a country where 80 percentage of population belong to Hindu religion. And Malappuram is differ from other places  in India because of the 89% Muslim religion population. And the great thing is that
  • Malappuram second only to West Bengal’s Murshidabad district in terms of Muslim population

#8.Malappuram Special Foods

  • Arabic cuisines have influenced Malappuram food culture largely
  • Aval Milk
  • Malappuram Sweets.
  • Malappuram Biriyani.

9: Film stars in Malappuram :

10:Nilambur teak:

  • Famous for hill products and is well known for its teak plantations, said to the oldest in the world (Connolly’s plot)   and a well designed Teak Museum, which traces the history and uses of the wonder wood.

11.Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala

  • World famous Ayurveda hospital situated in Malappuram.
  • Kottakkal, 13kms from Malappuram, is the premier centre for the traditional  classical Indian medical system of Ayurveda with a renowned private institution set up in 1900. It possess a large private hospital, drugs producing centre, herbarium and even an Ayurvedic Medical College. Patients even from several foreign countries come to this world renowned centre of excellence in ayurveda for treatment.

12.Kadampuzha Devi Temple

  • Kadampuzha Devi Temple is a famous Devi deity Hindu  temple, owned by Malabar Devaswom Board under the Government of Kerala.
  • Its administration trust consists of the Hindu-Variar family and non hereditary co-opted trustees.
  • The temple is dedicated to goddess Durga, a Devi. There is no idol in the temple.
  • Plastic bags are not allowed inside the temple. The coconuts are to be “offered” by carrying them on a non-plastic bags.

13: Sayyid Alavi Thangals House

  • Sayyid Alavi Mouladaveel was a Yemeni Islamic scholar who settled at Mambaram in Kerala, India. His tomb, located at Mambaram, is now considered as one of greatest pilgrimage centres in southern India.

14.Father of Malyalam born in this district (thunchaththu zhuthachan) and also THUNJAN PARAMBU

  •  Father of Malaylam language born in this holy place.

15. Alathiyur Hanuman Kavu

Famous and rare temple with Hanuman as A deity.

  • This is supposedly the place where Lord Rama described Sita, and gave Hanuman his ring to authenticate Hanuman as his messenger, and sent him off to visit Sita in Lanka, where she was being held captive by Ravana. This is supposedly the spot where Hanuman took a huge leap towards Lanka. The speciality of this temple is that Lakshmana, Lord Rama’s brother, has a separate Sanctum. It seems that Lord Rama asked Lashmana to leave the room when he was describing Sita and giving Hanuman his ring. Lord Rama and his brother Lakshmana were inseparable, and so this temple is sort of unique in that they are not together.
hanuman temple
hanuman temple

16.Malayalam University

  • The one and only Malayalam university situated in Malappuram.

17.The Mampuram Mosque

  • Famous Muslim mosque located in Tirurangadi in the Malappuram District.

18: Software/IT companies in Malappuram:

19. Aligargh Muslim University(AMU)

  • World famous Muslim university has a branch here in Malappuram.
  • The classes of the first batch were started on 28.02.2011 in a rented building (Al-Hazmi building, Pattambi Road) at Perinthalmanna. 

20. Ponani port

  • Ponani port is one of the busiest and oldest port in Kerala.

21: Chelari Cattle market:

  • Its a Tuesday market. People from many places comes here to trade (especially people from Andhra Pradesh)

22.Tirur China phone market

  • It is one of the largest china market in total India. Its one stop destination for all electronic stuffs and Arabic products.

23.Malappuram Amusement parks

  • Flora Fantasia Amusement Park Vengad

Location: Moorkkanad Vengad,Valanchery.

  • Kottakkunnu Amusement Park (Water theme park)

Location:  Kottakkunnu .

24.First private engineering college in Kerala.

  • MES is the first private engineering college in Kerala 

Engineering colleges in Malappuram district.

  • Calicut university engineering college.
  • MES engineering college.
  • MEA engineering college.

25. Kerala Head quarters of Indian union of Muslim league 

  •  Indian pro -Muslim political party IUMLs Kerala head quarters is situated in Malappuram district.

26.Tanur Jack fruit

  • Tanur, which is known for its delicious jack fruits.
Jack fruit
Jack fruit

27.Malappuram home made Albums and cinema

  • Low budget  home cinema culture first originated in Malappuram, where thousands of CDs are now being distributed. Such films also command good markets in other parts of Malabar area and the Gulf, where millions of Malayalees work.

28.Most populated district in Kerala.

In total Kerala Malappuram is most populated district

  • Total population- 41,10,956
  • Males 19,61,014
  • Females 21,24,942

29.Religions and castes in Malappuram (percentage based )


  • SC/ST-5.3%
  • Nairs-1.8%
  • Ezhavas/Thiyyas-8.3%


  • Syrian Christians-0.5%
  • Latin Christians-3.95


  • 75.3%

All religions ,castes and communities lives in harmony.

30.Upcoming Manjeri medical college 

  • Government Medical College at Manjeri, is a new medical college established in Malappuram District. It was allotted in revised 2011 state budget by then revenue minister KM Mani on 08th-July-2011. The medical college will have 500 beds and 12 operation theaters.

31.Malappuram Kathi

  • A Malappuram katthi is a kind of dagger, used in northern parts of Kerala in ancient times. The dagger is unique in its physical appearance and features as it has a very light-weight holder made of deer horn. The blade is thicker on the top and very sharp and lines at the bottom. The blade continues to the handle and covers the handle in a small single strip. The dagger is 18 – 25 inches (46-64 cm) long.

32. Controversial Child,Mysore and Arabi weddings in Mallapuram

  • ‘Mysore kalyanam’, where Pathan Muslim men from Mysore marry brides from Kerala, thrives in the Malapuram city despite bitter experiences for over a decade. Incredibly, this practice of marrying off girls in Mysore is referred to as the ‘Mysore Wedding’ phenomenon – and it continues to happen even though everyone is aware of the unimaginable tragedy it has wrought upon a whole generation of women.
  • As well as child marriage (below 18) is also common among Muslim communities.
  • Arab marriage also happens rarely.

33.Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary and   Mangrove Forest 

  • Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary is one of the  attractions of the region from where river Kadalundipuzha flows into the Arabian Sea. Situated at a distance of around 19 km from Kozhikode, the sanctuary is around 7 km from Beypore port. The sanctuary is popularly known by the name of Kadalundi.
near Bird sanctuary
near Bird sanctuary

34.Public Trucker Service: There is jeep like public transport system

  • Apart from common transport services (Bus,Van,Auto ), here in Malappuram district you can see something different and useful and it is called as “trucker”. I have been to many places in this small state Kerala, but never seen something like this anywhere.It is the most dependent parallel service system in Malappuram. Even though its design is similar to that of Jeep it has 2 rows in front side to carry passengers unlike one in Jeep. And a square like portion in back side with seats put opposite alike Jeep as well. Its functioning system is similar to Jeep. You can see a driver and a assistant(called cleaner.).And it runs on daily basis taking locals economically and allowing  passengers to step down at any place as they wish ,means unlike other systems it dosent have limited or pre determined stops.And in the time of fights by bus owners to take off the concession system for students this trucker system give concessions to school going students without any complainants. So I strongly believe this parallel transit system deserve promotion and appreciation.


  • Malabar special head quarters is situated in Malappuram.

36.Birth place of Nirupama Rao

  • Indian foreign secretary Nirupama Rao hails from Malappuram district.


37. Parotta is the National food of Malappuram

  • Even in early morning Malappuram hotels serve Paroota and Fish curry.

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    2.calicut university is locatted in malappuram..Thenjippalam…mandan..
    3.The rank holders in entrance are mainly frm malappuram..there are somany students in IIT..i know them.
    4.u first learn the place wer u born.and then comment.

    5.don’t u know malappuram realy ????u just look ur comments 36,20,43.most off them are in gulf but they lead a good family life..
    6.don’t u see perinthalmanna..that is one great medical city in kerala….including one medical college.
    and moulana,alshifa greate hospitals…
    7.they are not at all patriotic…..??????
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    എത്രയെത്ര മഹാന്‍മാരുടെ നാടാ പൂന്താനം, എം ടി വീസുദേവന്‍ നായര്‍, ഉറൂബ്, കെ.പി രാമനുണ്ണി എല്ലാം മലപ്പുറമല്ലേ?
    മത സൗഹാര്‍ദ്ദത്തിന് പേര് കേട്ട നാട്. ബാബരി മസ്ജിദ് തകര്‍ത്തപ്പോള്‍ പോലും ഒരു പ്രശ്‌നവുമുണ്ടായിട്ടില്ല.
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