3 Woodland footwear Shows Rooms in Calicut :Address


  • Unofficial Listing of wood land showrooms in Calicut.

Few words about Wood Land.?

  • To be frank i does not prefer to use Indian products, due to its lack of quality. But “Wood Land ” i would give 5 star for this amazing Indian product. I am so proud about this strong and sturdy Indian footwear product. Even though its expensive,it is worth for money.


I am basically from Calicut and bought a  wood land footwear from Marathahalli,Bangalore 1 year before. In order to service the product i searched Calicut wood land show rooms. Since they are providing life time stitching service to the customers ,why should miss the opportunity .lol.Well I searched in internet the following keywords to get desired result

  • Where is the best Wood Land  showroom in Calicut?

To be frank ,i failed to get the exact desired result. Then i called few friends in Gulf-Bazaar Calicut and arranged the address at last. And i got it stitched .Kudos to Calicut wood land service. Then i thought, there would be many people searching in internet for the same reason right .Why don’t i put the location details which i got .


1. Palayma Road Wood Land Show room Calicut

  • Its located in in famous vegitable market in Calicut, PALAYAM.

2. Cherooty Road Wood land Calicut.

  • Located at the branded shops street in Calicut ,

3. Mavoor Road Wood Land Show room Calicut.

  • Bank Rd, Mavoor Rd, Bank Road Junction, Opposite Hyson Hotel, Koombara, Kozhikode, Kerala.


Thank you for reading . Please let me know if you find any branch aprt from the listed.Have a nice shopping .

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