20 Dotnet questions asked at TCS Kochi interview

20 Dotnet questions asked at TCS Kochi interview


Attended walk in interview at TCS Cochin for DotNet profile.


1.How to select all label elements in a html page and give red color to each using Client Script “Jquery” ?

2.What is ABC stands for in WCF scenario ?

3.What is clone and CopyTo in .Net?

4. Did you come across using Delegates recently ? What exactly is the purpose of Delegates ?

5.Difference between FUNC<T> and Action<T> ?

6.How to implement parallelism in .Net and what is Action block ?

7.What is OData and Model Binder in Web API?

8.What is IHttpResponse ?

9.What is singleton and how to implement it?

10.Difference between IQueryable and IEnumerable in C#?

11.Does interface have constructor in C# ?

12. What is base constructor ?

13.Explain me generics with example ?


15. Tell me difference between Azure ServiceBus Queue and Storage table Queue ?



18.Tell me one Dotnet technical challenge you faced recently and how you over come it ?

19. Explain me one Design patter you are good at ?

  • I explained Repository pattern which i am confident with

20.Suppose imagine you are migrating one existing “SQL Server-Dot net” application to MongoDB-Dotnet ,If so how you will migrate SP logic into MongoDB ?

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