20 Dotnet questions asked at EY Kochi interview

Ernst and young got two technology wings in Kerala , one in Trivandrum and one in Kochin.


First Round telephonic :

1.Why should we use sealed class?

2. How to implement Encryption in .net ?

3. Explain SOLID Principal ?

4.What is Content negations in WebAPI?

5.Why disposing db context in entity framework?

6.What is difference between Private and Static Constructor?

7.How you implement unit testing in your application?

8. What is “this” and “Using” Keyword in C#?

9.What are the State managements in MVC?

10. Security issues in MVC?, How to implement SQL Injection ?

After successful completion of first round , Skype interview has been scheduled for second round of interview

Second Round Skype Interview:

1.How to improve performance of UI?

2.Suppose you have been asked to check the performance issues in production Stored procedures. How would you find which SPs are less performing ?

  • Using SQL profiler you can do the analysis.

3.Security threats a web application normally encounter ? 

  • SQL injection,Cross Site Attacks.

4.Difference between SAML and HTTPs?

5. Temporary table ,CTE and View difference ?

6. Difference between Delete and Truncate ?

7. Does constructor has return type?

8.What is multicast delegate in C#

9.Extension methods and parameters in used in Tempdata to retain value ?

10.Difference between  “catch(Exception e){ throw e;}” and  “catch(Exception e){ throw; }” ?

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