20 Biggest and Best Software/Tech MNC companies in Kerala

20 Biggest and Best Software/Tech MNC companies in Kerala

I heard many questions like , Is Microsoft starting operations in Kerala ? When did Tech Mehindra starts its Kerala recruitment ?. Is Accenture going to start their operations in LULU cyber tower 2 in infopark Kochin ? Is HCL started operations in Infopark Athulya Kochin ? And this article is an answer to all such questions


1.Nissan: (Started in 2018)

  • In the year 2018 Japanese motor company Nissan decided to setup its R&D office in Kerala.
  • Nissan Trivandrum already started recruitment for the new location .
  • Nissan will be focusing mainly on driver less and electric cars.
  • Current Location : Trivandrum Technopark.
  • This is the second office of Nissan in India ,after Chennai.

2.Oracle (Started in 2018)

  • American multi million dollar product company ,started operations in the year 2011.
  • Current Location : Trivandrum Technopark
  • Mainly People-soft ERP product development.

3.Cognizant (Started in 2018)

  • Current Location : InfoPark Cochin.
  • CTS Kochi got three facilities (Athulya (ATL), Muthoot (TCP), Main campus(CNC)).
  • Major Accounts: Insurance companies.

4.TCS (Started in 2018)

  • TCS got its Own campus in Infopark.
  • Current Location : InfoPark Cochin
  • Current employment strength in campus : 8K.

5.Wipro (Started in 2004)

  • Indian company Wipro started operations in Cochin in the year 2004. Wipro Campus is one of the largest campus in whole infopark with beautiful landscapes and greenery.  Campus comprises a training facility for the freshly joined.
  • Residential day care center and accommodation facilities are available inside the campus.
  • Major accounts:  Middle east projects.


  • Kerala born Company.
  • IBS new facility is under construction in Infopark Phase 1.

7.UST Global (started in 1998)

  • Offices in Kochin and trivandrum.
  • Kerala born Company.

8.HCL-Hindustan corporation limited (Started in 2018)

  • Started operations from Athulya building. Likely they will move to LULU cyber tower once its commission.

9.Baker Hughes:

  • Multi national OIL and Gas company set up its technology office in Smart city Cochin.

10.Tata Elxsi:

  • Located at Trivandrum.
  • Latest updates from the company : Tata Elxsi announced attractive extra bonus for all employees for the year 2018 ,many consider it as an intelligent move to stop growing attrition rate (especially to newly started Nissan).


  • Likely to start operations in cyber tower LULU Kochin

12.Infoysis(Started in 2003)

  • Started operations in 2003.
  • Location : Trivandrum

13.Full Contact:



  • Offices in 4 locations (Calicut,Thrissur,Trivandrum, Kochin)


  • Locations : Kochin , world trade center.
  • No technology wing started in Kochin till now


  • Locations : Offices are located in Trivandrum and Kochin.

18. Tech Mahendra

  • Location : Trivandrum Technopark
  • Tech Mahindra Ltd has been allotted 12,000 square feet space at Technopark here to set up a 200-seat office.


Microsoft is coming to Kerala ,yes its true. Microsoft likely to start operation in Technopark Trivandrum.

  • Location: Trivandrum Technopark phase 2

20.Fujitsu :

  • Japanese Technology company Fujitsu is a supplier to Nissan Digital which recently started its global R& D division in Kerala . So after Nissan started off, Fujitsu too shown interest to start an office in Kerala.
  • Location : Likely to be in phase 3 Technopark .

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