2 Times i attended Infosys interview ,but

I believe each interview is an experience, and its a journey . May be some times you  couldn’t raise to the expectation or doesn’t fit in for the time being but surely you are not losing . Here i am sharing my encounter with worlds one of the biggest service company .


When i was 6 Years experienced :

i traveled all the way from my home town to Bangalore to attend my first ever MNC interview.

  • Location : Bangalore ,Electronic city infy campus.

First round Face to face interview :


Result : Not qualified 

When i was 6 Years experienced :

  • Location : Trivandrum , Technopark infy campus

Hr collected the resume and sent to the panel . Panel contains two members.

First round Face to face interview :

Questions they have asked

  • Agile and Scrum explained:

Velocity, story points , scrum , WSR, User stories , Tasks

  • Exception handling :

Custom exception ,Catch , Try , finally , custom exception ,log4net, enterprise exception

  • Unit testing:

Moq, test cases , acceptance criteria ,

  • Generics:

generics restriction

  • Delegates , func,action,predicate:

Delegates , asyncrouns call back

  • Var,dynamic,object difference

Var required initialization

We discussed about microservice , which i taken session lately .

To be frank after the discussion i was confident that i will go through , but unfortunately i wasn’t . But it was fine.

Result : Not qualified

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