7 Cancer Survivors from Mollywood,Kerala: Inspiring stories

7 Cancer Survivors from Mollywood,Kerala: Inspiring stories

“Cancer is a word, not a sentence.” – John Diamond


We have seen celebrities recovering from many hurdles and hoisting victory flag in movies . But today I am going to list out some courages celebrities in Malaylam film fraternity who fought against the deadly disease called cancer and hoisted flag of relief and will power in their personal life.


 Celebrities with appreciation deserving deeds:

  • Couple Aashiq Abu and Rima Kallingal decided to not celebrate their marriage  instead they donated that amount to caner patients.
  • Actor Dileep stated few months before that  ,he stopped drinking and smoking in a bid to spread awareness about the dreadful disease.

What you have done ? Think

  • Here comes the list of Our lion heart Real Heroes 

1: Jishnu  (He is no longer a survivor , He died today (25th march))

NB: I am editing this article very sadly today 25th march, Jishnu at last yield to that deadly disease. I am not removing his name now from the list, i keep it as tribute for the fight he had put even though it failed later. RIP Jishnu

  • It was with such a shock ,we all came know about Jishnu’s throat cancer story. He is one among the most talented and promising young actor in Malayalam film industry. Only when he declared about his disease through social media we came to now about it. And later it is rumored that his lost his voice because of Cancer treatment, But it hasn’t confirmed and i think its a fake.
  • Jishnu Is NIT-Calicut Btech Engineer.
  • Since 25th of November 2014 few photos of Jishnu where doing the rounds in Whats app ,propagating that Jishnu Mallu actor died of cancer. But its also fake and i think that photos are taken during his cancer treatment time.
  • The picture circulating on the FB and whats app was an year old one taken by a staff of the hospital where he was admitted for surgery. He has been undergoing cancer treatment for the past one year!

The actor posted on his official Facebook and Twitter page that :

 “By Gods grace and your prayers , the surgery I had to go through was successful. I am back home now and recovering. The cancerous tumour was completely removed… for complete recovery I guess it will take another six months. Thanks a lot for your prayers and support”.


2.Mamtha Mohandas

She acted as cancer patient in her debut movie Mayookham directed by Hariharan . No one ever thought in their wild dream that she would digaonized  with cancer in the same way her character Mayookham.Mamta was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2010.

But she wasn’t ready to sit back crying about her fate. She does treatment and mean while  acted in some movies .If you notice the movie Anwar ,you could see she used artificial air (Hair has been removed for chemotherapy) . Later she recovered and married her childhood friend .But that marriage failed to stay more than year and couples got divorced. She came to films and unfortunately the disease again started disturbing her.  Now she declared that for the time being once she finish the committed project she would take beak from films.

  • Words of Mamatha :

“Happy World Cancer Day. I feel like a winner as I go for my last chemo! Here’s my happy selfie for you. Thank you all,” she recently tweeted. The picture attached to the tweet showed a
confident Mamta, signalling a thumbs up. 



  • Veteran actor and President of Kerala film association (AMMA) diagnosed as cancer patient along with his wife recently. This established actor who made us laugh through on-screen performance suffered a lot with this disease. He is a fatherly figure to all Kerala actors personally as well as head of Kerala film association. It was in 2012 that he was diagnosed with cancer and started treatment immediately. The actor said that willpower and continuous treatment is the reason why he is healthy today.  And he came back to Malayalam film fraternity with more strength . And also In coming election he is contestant of communist political party as well. See what a come back.




4: Kollam Thulasi 

  • He is a famous character actor from Malayalam film. Recently he revealed that he been diagnosed with cancer in 2012. A growth near his ear diagnosed to be cancer. He faced it with such a courage and will power. Went through rigours treatments and controlled  the illness. He thanked his friends and family who stood with him and given him confidence.
Kollam Thulasi
Kollam Thulasi

5: Gauthami 

Former actress and life partner of veteran actor Kamala Hasan, Gautami is affected by breast cancer at the tender age of 35. But she recovered from that deadly disease and came back to normal life. She remember her life partner Kamala Hasans  support all through ailment time.

  • Words from Gauthami:

“The strong women characters I played in Malayalam films helped me a great deal to fight the battles in my own life. Each of those characters is special to me,” the actress said when she visited Trivandrum, recently. And, she won the struggle with aplomb. With the unflinching support of her partner Kamal Hassan and family, she came out of it unscathed. 



6.N. L. Balakrishnan (He also died )

  • Famous actor and still photographer.
  • He is a seasoned and established alcohol user and promoter.In an interview he confessed that he boozed with almost all Mollywood celebrates except Super Star Mamooty.
  • He even made controversies for drooping alcohol in his fathers mouth at death bed.
  • Cancer swelling near eye and it has been cured.



7:Sreevidya (Not survived )

  • I dedicate this article to the most beautiful actress ever in Malayalam industry Srividhya, who yield to the cancerous disease at last after fighting a lot. Rest in peace.

 Don’t lose hope. When the sun goes down, the stars come out.

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