22 Interesting Facts about Fahad Fazil.

22 Interesting Facts about Fahad Fazil.



  • After the writing  “50 interesting facts about legend Mohan Lal”. Here i am again with a listing of a prominent Malayalam actor “Fahad Fazil”. Since Fahad  is new comer to this industry ,to arrange a 50 facts is bit boring as well as difficult.

A small intro for Non-Keralites:

  • Fahad Fazil is a Malayalam motion pictures actor.



14 Facts about Kerala Television-Cinema actress Poojitha menon 

1: Marriage with Nazriya:

  • Marriage fixed on : August 2014.
  • Arranged marriage.
  • It will be Typical Traditional luxurious Kerala Muslim  Marriage.

Nazriya the cutest new generation actress (19 years old) and young Superstar Fahad fazils (30years old ) marriage news was publicly announced by Fahads father director Fazil recently .Nazriya announced in her offical fan face book page as well. Fahad declined all the love marriage stories and said “its purely arranged marriage and we know nazriyas family for long” When asked about Nazriya acting after marriage Fahad replied “its purely Nazriya decision.”. Nazriya’s father spoke to media and conformed the marriage news publicly.

Fahad and nazriya
Fahad and nazriya

2: Greatest ever Come back in Malayalam film industry:

Very unexpected bounce back to the front line of Malayalam cinema from a very pathetic performance in first film  “Kaiyethum Doorath” (2002) directed by his father Fazil . Shanu was his film name and it was in age 19 he debuted .After a sabbatical of nearly eight years, Fahad Fazil returned in the anthology film Kerala Cafe (2009) directed and produced by Director Renjith . Fahadh Fazil won the 2011 Kerala State Film Award for Second Best Actor for his performance in the films Akam and Chaappa Kurish.



3:Longest On Screen French kiss:

Lip to lip kisses are not that familiar to alaylaies through films. kerala movie lovers depend other language films for watching intimate kiss scenes .lol. But there were some noted  kiss scene before .It was seasoned director padmarajan who introduced it first time to malaylam with his classic movie “njan gandharavan”,Later here in 2010 Fahad fazil brought back the importance of on  screen into kerala wood.In film “chappa kurishu” he performed a longest ever on screen with his co star in Malayalam film .Its considered as the longest and most intimate kiss scene in the history of Malayalam cinema.

Fahad kiss
Fahad kiss

4: Famous Director Fazils  son:

  • Not much Kids of renowned directors became superstars in Malayalam film industry. I belive this is the first of its kind in the series.


5: Image breaking Appearance : 

  • There was some pre defined picture in industry about How a hero should look like. Should be tall with full of hair. Fahad broken all such concepts and proved that nothing but talent works end of the day .Despite his  short Height ( 5′ 6.54”(169.00 cm) ) and baldness he considered as the most manly actor in Malayalm film industry. I just don’t want to repeat the topic. Because I already posed an in depth article about baldness you can check it out here

                     “27 BALD ACTORS IN KERALA FILM.

6: Filmography : (Acted in 25 films So far)

  • Pappayude Swantham Appoos
  • Kaiyethum Doorath
  • Kerala Cafe
  • Pramani
  • Cocktail
  • Tournament
  • Best of Luck
  • Chaappa Kurishu
  • Indian Rupee
  • Padmasree Bharat Dr. Saroj Kumar
  • 22 Female Kottayam
  • Diamond Necklace
  • Friday
  • Annayum Rasoolum
  • Natholi Oru Cheriya Meenalla
  • Red Wine
  • Amen
  • Immanuel
  • Akam
  • 5 Sundarikal
  • Olipporu
  • Artist
  • North 24 Kaatham
  • D Company
  • Oru Indian Pranayakatha

7: American Education:

There are not much film stars in Malayalam industry with overseas qualification especially america.Except few like Prithviraj(Australia) and Dulquar Salman(America).Fahad has a M.A. in philosophy from the University of Miami united state of america..

American education
American education

8: Trend setter of new generation wave:

  • New generation films (also known as new wave films) (From 2010–present) is a Malayalam film movement developed in the early 2010s, characterized by fresh and unusual themes and new narrative techniques. Films of the new wave differ from conventional themes of the past two decades (1990s and 2000s) and introduced several new trends to the Malayalam industry. While the new generation formats and styles are deeply influenced by global and Indian trends, their thematic’s are firmly rooted in Malayalee life and mindscapes and fahad fazil was one among the stars who shouldered this new wave with his films genre.
New generation
New generation

9: Rotten Love affair with Andrea Jeremiah:

  • In a privater interview Fahad lit the controversy fire by telling his love affair with his co-star in movie “Annayum rasoolum” Andrea Jeremiah. But it was feast for gossip makers when Andrea Jeremiah declined Fahads words publicly. Later Fahad said  “Being in love with her was one of the most beautiful and significant moments in my life.Though we part ways, i still cherish those moments. But i respect her and her decision a lot,

10: Most paid Youngster In Kerala Cinema:

  • According UN-official sources he is the most valuable young super star in Malayalam film industry right now . In 2013(Annayum Rasoolum,Natholi Oru Cheriya Meenalla,Red Wine,Amen,Immanuel ,Akam,5,Sundarikal,Olipporu,Artist,North 24 Kaatham,D Company,Oru Indian Pranayakatha), almost all of his films did wonders in box office and now he is most paid young actor in Malayalam film industry.

11:State awards :

  • Second Best Actor for Akam and Chaappa Kurishu.

12: Acted as Anti-Hero:

  • He even donned Anti-hero (villain ) roles in the same way he do Hero roles. From that he broken all the so called industry custom of keeping or preserving the Hero value once you get the stardom. He proved the importance of character more than the star value and images.

In movie “22 F K “he bravely donned the role of serial womanizer and con with so easily and perfectly.


13:Twitter Account : (Official Twitter account) 

  • What I found more interesting in his twitter account is his status “I ACT FOR LIVING”.So simple right?
Twitter account
Twitter account

Follow :@twitfahadh

14: Official Facebook Profile :

  •  His fb message about his marriage with Nazriya :

Hello all, just woke up as I was shooting late. YES I am getting engaged to Nazriya. Marrying me is the biggest risk, gamble and sacrifice a girl will have to do with her life. And finally I met this girl who wanted to take the chance and give me a home. My family loved her, hence I got chatting with her and I fell in love with her. I am taking the big step here fellows, and much to my surprise I have agreed to a traditional wedding. I swear this girl has changed me. She is magic. I am overwhelmed by the love, support, thoughts and wishes you guys have shared this morning. I promise to love nazriya and take care of her till death and beyond.


#15: Engaged with most desired actress in Kerala: (Nazriya Nazim) 


Few facts about Fahads lady interest Nazriya Nazim:

  • 33 lakhs Facebook likes in the official page of a 19 year old actress ,from that very data we could conclude the acceptance of this young actress in Malayalam film industry.
  • Even Super star Mohan lal is lakhs behind her in FB (17 lakh likes for Mohan lal)
  • She has a brother, Naveen. Nazriya studied in Christ Nagar School, Thiruvananthapuram.
  • Nazriya studied in Al Ain till Class 10 and then in 2006,she moved to Kerala (Thiruvananthapuram) with family.
  • Starting her career in 2006 as a child artist, she acted in a Malayalam film Palunku (2006) directed by Blessy, in which she played the daughter of Mammootty’s character


  • 2006— Palunku Geethu— Malayalam— Child artist
  • 2010— Pramani— Malayalam— Child artist
  • 2010— Oru Naal Varum Dhanya— Malayalam— Child artist
  • 2013— Maad Dad Mariya— Malayalam
  • 2013— Neram Jeena— Malayalam
  • 2013— Neram Veni— Tamil
  • 2013— Raja Rani Keerthana— Tamil
  • 2013— Naiyaandi Vanaroja— Tamil
  • 2013— Thirumanam Ennum Nikkah— Tamil— Post-production
  • 2014— Salalah Mobiles Shahana— Malayalam— Post-production
  • 2014— Nee Nalla Varuvada— Tamil— Filming
  • 2014— Vaai Moodi Pesavum Anjana— Tamil
  • Malayalam— Filming
  • 2014— Om Shanti Oshana Pooja Mathew— Malayalam— Filming
  • 2014— Hi I Am Tony— Malayalam— Filming

16:Name change:

  • His father introduced him in “Kaiyethum Doorath ” with name Shanu .May be because of the bitter experience in his first film ,when he came back to film after a gap he used name “Fashad Fazil instead of shanu. Now that name turned to a house hold name in Malayalam film fraternity as well as among movie buffs.

17: Director Bharat Bala About Fahad Fazil :

Director Bharat bala in a recent interview praised about the talent  Fahad fazil and said he is a fan of the young superstar.

I would say I am a fan of Fahad. I have seen his works earlier. Some of the works that amazed me are 22 Female Kottayam, Annayum Rasoolum and Amen…and I have to watch the recently released flick 5 Sundarikal too. Fahad is a promising actor and he brings in lot of freshness onscreen,” —Director  Bharat Bala


18: Fahads Brother’s entry into Film :

  • Fahad Fazils Brother Farhaan Faasil entered into Mollywood with Rajeev Ravis second directorial venture “Njan steve lopez” along with Ahaana Krishna, daughter of actor Krishna Kumar. They both gorgeous as a couple in the movie and i really appreciate Rajeevs section.

19: Support to homosexuality:

In a recent interview Fahad talked about homo sexuality

Homo sexuality is not a complaint,they are identifying their own world.what would we do if some one wishes to live like that?
suppose tomorrow if my son demand to marry a boy? what could i do? They born and bred like that.they are doing to crime only because we irritate and disturb their life. if we as a society respect them ,they would get a space and they would never commit any kind of crime. They too have the right to live like us.“-excerpts from interview.

20.Fahad Fazil As a Producer 

  • Fahad will be producing Iyobinte Pustakam for the first time. Wish him all the success

21. Fahad Fazil’s fight wirh director Siddique and Joshy:

  • Fahad made headlines by refusing to do films with vetran directors like Siddique and Joshy.

22. When Fahad’s life changed after marrying beaitufl Nazriya:  

  • Fahad opened up about this change after the marriage. He said Nazriya changed him totally , now he got patience and sense.

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