12 Chronic Bachelor (Never Married) Celebrities from Kerala cinema.


  • This is article neither to promote nor de-promote any actor.
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I do believe that age is not a criteria to tie knot with any one. But from a typical Kerala,India  scenario, where marriage questions start banging quite after 25 years normally find it big deal  to spot some one unmarried after 40. More over when its about public figures it would definitely become pave way to a bundle of questions and raise lot of doubts and fabricated stories. But to be frank its their personal choice and belief and it not to be questioned by anyone.

1: Anoop Menon (Now getting married )

  • Bio: Kerala film actor/writer/lyricist.
  • Age: 40.
  • His explanation about it:I don’t have time to spent for a girl who come with lot of dreams about a marriage life ,because i am totally busy with many things already.So no marriage at this time
  • Gossips about it: Meghana rai.(They acted in few movies together,thats the reason for this gossip guessed lol.)
Anoop menon
Anoop menon

2: Sobhana:

  • Bio: Malaylam Actor and Dancer.
  • Age: 43.
  • Her explanation about it: I am not against marriage institution at any cost but ,I haven’t found the time for it amidst my busy schedule.You know i am always busy with my dance stuffs. Maybe I haven’t spotted the right guy. And for that matter, I have seen only a few marriages that really work. That can also be one the reasons.”
  • Gossips about : Rumoured her name along with Anil Kumble amd Mohan lal.

3: Adoor Bhasi:(never married).

  • Bio: Malaylam actor.
  • He died at the age of :63
  • His explanation about it: He was considered as miser. lol.(don’t know whether its is correct)
  • Gossips about : Sreelatha was paired with bhasi many times ,obviously there were rumours regarding their relation.

4: Jayan:(Never married)

  • Age: Malayalm film fraternities first action super star .
  • He died at the age of : 41.

5: Lakshmi Gopala Swami

  • Bio: Actress/dancer.
  • Age:43.
  • Her explanation about it: “Yes! Now I”m thinking of getting married. I’m in search of a descent boy, who will suit my image. I will marry very soon and will invite you also.”

6: John Abraham:(Never married)

  • Bio: Director.
  • He died at the Age of :

7: Maya Vishwanath

  • Bio: Malaylam cini-actress
  • Age: 40-50 (Guess)
  • Her explanation about it: marriage is in fact a license to do sex.if two people find each other attractive, then there is no need for a knot that is supposed to bind them for the rest of their lives. Through marriages, people are putting an end to their own freedom, sacrificing their wishes for someone else.

8: Shalu Menon:

  • Bio: Malayalm actress and dancer.
  • Age: 30-40.
  • Gossips about : Alleged to be involved in controversial Kerala solar scam.

9: Idavela Babu 

  • Bio: Malayalam actor, event manger of Malayalam shows and hold a good position in Malayalam film organization AMMA.
  • Age: 50.
  • His explanation about it:“i attempted before to tie knot ,but due to many reason it failed to work.But now i am comfortable being single and i am very busy with professional life.So no more comments.”
  • Gossips about : Recent Kerala gold smuggling  link allegations against this actor and female actress jyothirmayi really made them a talking point among the media and public.He is not linked with any female actors yet.

10: Padma Priya  (Now married )

  • Bio: Malayalam actress and classical dancer.
  • Age: 34.
  • Her explanation about itI was ready for marriage even when I was 18 years old.  I have never met a suitable man.  I am bad luck not to have fallen in love with any one”She continued “I will be married, I will have children, There will be a man who will love only me” About marriage, she said “Marriage is a very beautiful thing.  I will get married soon”

11: Renjini Haridas 

  • Bio: Televison personality,anchor,Actress.
  • Age32.
  • Her explanation about it:” Had some bitter experience and i lost faith in men.But i can’t tell that i never get marry.hopefully one day”.

12.Sangeetha Mohan 

  • Famous Serial actress.
  • Recently she allegedly caught by Kerala police for driving drunk.


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