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So you want to know who the hell is behind this blog huh. ?

Welcome aboard .!!!!!

You know i love talking about myself. In fact Internet is flooded with blogs, forums and hell of lot of stuffs and no one is ready to spend more than few minutes in any website. But see , you ended up here to read about me , i really appreciate that .  Here i am not going to talk about my blog (you can click here to read about my Blogs history).  Here i am gonna talk about me, the person who run this blog.

FYI: If you feel bit immature about my approach of writing “About me” like this,  please pour in your comments @ bottom.

Ok lets start.

I was born on November 10, 1989, in a small village in “Gods own country” Kerala, India.In fact, my parents(Communist mother and spiritual dad) given me a wonderful name “Aswajith” to get notice easily and stood out unique in the crowd(Yes there is lot in a name.)

1989: Location: Calicut Medical college: 

  • Yes. I born to a communist mother and spiritual father as ,Aswajith M P around 10am Friday at 10-11-1989.

Some statistics about my birth:

Little me
Little me


My Weight(Kilogram) when i born: 3.800.
My gynecologist Doc: Dr Bhadran MBBS, MD.
Normal delivery.
Token number of the tag tied in my hand: 52
My Malayalam star: “Uthratathi”




My Schooling started @ Venerni English medium “Girls”  high school Calicut: 

Venerni me
Venerni me
  • Yes i know why you are giggling, Wondering how come a boy study in Girls high school right? . Well Even though its called as Girls high school , boys are allowed to study upto 7th stand.
  • So in the age 3 my parents paid donation 3000rs and admitted me in one of the famous school in my home town, Venerni.
    My First class teachers name is Elizabath, i still remember her compassionate face.
    My First class was LKG-A.
  • I studied in Venerni upto 5th standard.
  • Great memories about my first school and i still keep contact with almost all my classmates.
  • I remember my class teachers like “Mohanal Rani ” and “Komala vali ma’am”



2001-2003: My Lower Primary @ Airport International School Calicut: 

  • My parents got admission in this prestigious international school by paying a whooping donation after i miserably failed in their qualifying examination. There is hell lot of stories and memories i have about this institute and i will share it in my blog, don’t worry.
  • But truly my friends, i really got a good exposure and time i spent here really helped me to shape myself in many ways.
  • My reign here was limited to 2 years and later i got sacked from this school. LOL

2003-2005: My High School School @ Technical High school Calicut:

  • Yes i haven’t had a plus to certificate in my profile. of course not, for a greater good i skipped that
  • There are lot of stories i would like to share about this school and the people i met there. I am not gonna tell all this here. You can check out

2005-2008: My First college life @ My Poly Technic:

  • FYI: Oops I skipped Plus two. Directly entered into College after school.

I was the shortest and youngest guy in my tallest and eldest class room. My first college life experiences starts here. Politics, romance and many thing i got exposed here.

2008-20011: My Engineering (in Kerala we call it with the nick name Btech ) from Cusat.

Cusat me
Cusat me
  • Through lateral entry in jumped to my engineering.
  • My 3 years of engineering. LOL.
  • I studied @ a called called Cucek
  • College location : Pullincunnun ,Alepy.
  • I gained lot of friends out there.
  • And i really miss those care-free days.



2011 Professional Life starts : First Software Company in Calicut

  • So here after my life profile take a sudden turn . From personal profile to professional profile.
  • Shockingly i realized the fact that all the whole years i gained through books aren’t the thing required to sustain in a corporate practical world. Time of realization.
  • I started earning. My Professional life kick started.

2012 :My Qatar Days: 

  • My first abroad visit is to Qatar.

    Qatar me
    Qatar me
  • Dont worry more articles will be posted about my Qatar  experiences .
  • I stayed in places like Dukan,Ras-Alfan and Doha.
  • It wasn’t a strange land for me, because there were lot to help me.
  • Altogether it was a nice experience.



2013 :My Kenyan Days :

Kenya was heaven. Rejuvenated me .Made me a refined person.

Kenyan ME
Kenyan ME
  • I got job in Kenya, Nairobi. A kinda onsite job.
  • Those where really beautiful days in my life. Its once in a life time opportunity to visit a place like Kenya.
  • New people, new culture all together it was great.
  • I will be writing more about Kenya in my blog. You guys can keep on reading.
  • I got contact with prominent Malayali people out there and still keep in touch with them .
  • With this stay my whole concept and assumptions about Kenya changed.




My Infopark days @Cochin:

  • I turned 25 in the year 2014. Oh god i finished silver jubilee. See Time is rolling so fast huh?.
    We celebrated my 25th birthday @ Shri Mookambika temple Karnataka.
  • And my another phase of life starts here @ Cochin Infopark.


So thats all. Oh Man , you got everything about me now. The whole life!

Now we can talk about my blog jithumpablog.com a little bit.

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